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Business HR Academy: HR Training For Business Impact

Training HR business partners to develop core capabilities

Today’s evolving marketplace and workforce has made the need for building capabilities a strategic growth imperative. Competitive forces, the rise of data, the changing workforce, and technologies such as robotics and AI are the disruptive forces that have sharply changed how we live and how we work, and organizations are looking to HR to reimagine the future of work, the workplace, and the workforce today. To keep up, more than half of today’s workforce will need to build new capabilities in the next three years. Will you be left behind?

The evolving role of HR

Throughout the history of Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends research, building capabilities has been in the top 10 trends organizations are focused on and invest in. The nature of work and the workforce has required new capabilities from HR. Given these changes, many organizations are actively seeking ways to build the capabilities of the workforce, with the role of HR taking center stage. Today, chief HR officers and their teams face a unique set of leadership challenges—including exponential expectations of HR beyond its traditional role of supporting functional, administrative, and compliance tasks.

Exponential HR leaders must be able to drive innovation and agility through workforce development; and to foster team collaboration, engagement, and productivity. On top of this, they also must lead the enterprise’s readiness for constant disruption. To address these evolving demands, HR leaders need to infuse advanced, digital solutions that automate and simplify the workforce experience and—most importantly—elevate the role people play across the enterprise and within HR.

To help ensure no organization is left behind, Deloitte helps prepare HR leaders for the future of work with Business HR Academy, powered by AdeptPro.

Positioning HR to work at the intersection of business and strategy, the Business HR Academy provides a virtual and scalable solution that brings business and HR capabilities and practices, insights based on research, and industry-leading thought leadership to today’s CHROs and their teams.

An immersive learning experience

Deloitte’s Business HR Academy is designed to equip HR professionals with capabilities required to navigate their new future and thrive in an exponential role. This 16-week experience will help HR leaders develop core consulting capabilities and enhance their consulting agility. Part of AdeptPro, Deloitte’s suite of digital learning experiences that help organizations transform their current leaders into exponential leaders, the Business HR Academy combines cutting-edge technology, academic expertise, and Deloitte’s top thought leaders to create scalable and easy-to-use digital learning experiences that focus on today’s most critical business issues.

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Unleashing the value of Business HR Academy: Experience gained

Throughout the duration of Business HR Academy, participants have a chance to select real-life business problems, bring them to the program, and collaborate directly with Deloitte’s top thought leaders to solve their issues, making the academy immediately relevant and unique to the business lens. After completing the Business HR Academy, participants will be able to:

  • Define what’s needed to deliver a comprehensive curriculum and training program
  • Align HR solutions to business imperatives
  • Enable the transition from supporting administrative and compliance activities to delivering business advisory services
  • Leverage innovative workforce and talent practices to adapt to future dynamics
  • Develop the core capabilities required to become an exponential HR leader

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