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We are living in the age of knowledge capital. The ability for organizations to learn, connect employees to one another, and drive innovation and effectiveness is what can differentiate you from your competitors. Organizations that create an environment where learning is at the heart of the corporate culture are shown to be higher performing than their peers. And it is within these organizations that the C-Suite is focused on skill building and retention like never before.

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Sweeping global forces are reshaping the workplace, the workforce, and work itself. Organizations are now rethinking their talent strategies at all stages of the employee lifecycle, vying for top talent in a highly transparent job market and becoming laser-focused on their external employment brand.

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Michael Griffiths

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Josh Haims

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As a Deloitte Consulting LLP Human Capital Principal, Josh believes that an organization is only as powerful as its future-ready workforce. This perspective has sharpened over the course of more than ... More