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Creating next-generation learning organizations and digital learning strategies

We are living in the age of knowledge capital. The ability for organizations to learn, connect employees to one another, and drive innovation and effectiveness is what can differentiate you from your competitors. Organizations that create an environment where learning is at the heart of the corporate culture are shown to be higher performing than their peers and the C-Suite is focused on skill building and retention like never before.

Our capabilities

Powered by learnings and research from Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte brings decades of experience in providing learning strategy, technology, and content solutions to leading global organizations. We understand the business need because our own business relies on staying ahead through continuous learning and development. We work with you to understand your business objectives and what your workforce requires to meet them, and design solutions to develop and enhance the required capabilities.

Designing a robust, effective solution also involves designing a compelling learner experience. Whether your team is engaged in a digital or physical learning environment, our approach—powered by Deloitte University—puts the learner at the center of the interaction, aligning user needs and learning styles with business requirements.

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Learning strategy and organization

We lead organizations to build a solid framework for achieving an effective, efficient, and well-aligned learning organization capable of driving business results.

  • Effectiveness means… Meeting business needs and impacting business results through critical L&D programs that can be measured.
  • Efficiency means… Allocating resources to gain the desired impact for each dollar invested by selecting and delivering cost-effective solutions
  • Alignment means...

1. Aligning the organization’s learning with the current and changing needs of the business

2. Aligning learning programs with strategic business goals while partnering with lines of business and HR

3. Increasing learners’ engagement and capability to support the current business strategy.

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Digital learning experience design and development

You have many choices for the content you choose to offer and how you choose to deliver it. We can help you curate the content and platforms that fit your business goals and learner needs. We specialize in building custom content and delivery solutions for your most complex development priorities.

We can help you:
  • Identify learner personas and create learner journey maps to keep learner needs front and center
  • Design engaging learning solutions to drive learner and business performance
  • Identify and implement emerging content delivery platforms and portals to enhance the learner experience
  • Develop learning in a range of learning formats to engage and accommodate learners: Classroom, vILTs, eLearning, nanolearning, mobile learning, game-based learning, performance support, and more
  • Rationalize curricula to increase efficiency and reduce costs

Sound interesting? We specialize in developing custom learning solutions.

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Learning technology

The right learning management system (LMS) is the backbone of the learning environment. We can help you think through and accelerate decisions about the system's functionality and your learning organization goals, business integration, content strategy, resource requirements, and deployment.

We work with you to:
  • Select the LMS solution that fits the business need and learning vision
  • Translate business and learner requirements into concrete specifications for configuring the platform and infrastructure
  • Launch the enterprise solution with a targeted deployment strategy, measuring outcomes and transitioning from go-live to ongoing support and enhancement

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Chief Learning Officer (CLO) Forum

Deloitte’s CLO Forum is an annual exclusive invitation-only event that brings together senior executives and innovative thinkers who are leading L&D initiatives and creating organizational value. Informed by business leaders and fellow CLOs, the CLO Forum equips learning executives to lead disruptive, positive change. The 2017 CLO Forum will explore the massive shift in how world-class learning organizations are adapting to new technologies, challenge traditional notions of content consumption, find new paths to innovation through disruption, and address the trends shaping the workforce of tomorrow.

For more information on the CLO Forum, email the CLO Forum team or visit our CLO Forum event page. Join the conversation on Twitter: #DeloitteCLOForum

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Unleashing the power of digital: A new world for HR

Discover new ideas, trends and HR strategies at IMPACT 2017. IMPACT is Bersin by Deloitte’s annual research-based executive conference for HR, learning and talent leaders and their teams. IMPACT 2017 will focus on the ways that focus on the ways HR is responding to massive disruptions caused by new technologies, an explosion in analytics and artificial intelligence, and changing definitions of work, workforces and worker expectations. It will also look at how all of these changes are driving fundamental changes to the way leaders manage, guide and operate their organizations.

Come to IMPACT for four days of learning, networking and fun! Join the conversation on Twitter: #IMPACTHR.

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IMPACT 2017 registration

Conference registration includes access to three keynotes, your choice of 24 breakout sessions and three conference receptions.

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