Pharmaceutical market access strategy

Exploring archetype-based approaches to market access

While successful pharma market access strategy and execution are universally important, our research suggests that more nuanced approaches may be necessary. In the resources that follow, we explore critical launch considerations and share ideas on how to refine future launches across a range of therapeutics.

Rethinking market access: Delivering on the promise of therapeutic innovation

Date: May 20, 2022
Host: Brian Corvino, managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP

  • Sandeep Duttagupta, vice president of Global Pricing and Market Access, Alnylam
  • Lovena Chaput, SVP Americas & Asia Pacific, Commercial, Astellas Gene Therapies

Based on our research and experience, pharma market access strategy and execution is one of the primary contributors to enabling product launch success.

The ever-increasing costs of drug development, intense competition, payer controls, and complex distribution logistics often make it challenging for life sciences companies to deliver on their launch ambition. It is important to have a robust market access launch strategy that considers a product’s specific therapeutic archetype. Join Deloitte and market access leaders as they explore:

  • Common best practices and lessons learned in pharma market access strategy and execution
  • Strategic choices associated with launching new products within selected therapeutic archetypes, such as cell and gene, oncology, rare and high-volume specialty
  • Considerations for commercial and market access leaders when developing launch capabilities and executing on launch plans, including unique considerations for a broad range of therapeutic archetypes

Failure to launch? Why market access may be key to successful Rx launches

Developing a new drug and bringing it to market can cost more than $2 billion, according to our report, Measuring the return from pharmaceutical innovation. Despite the enormous expense, there is no guarantee that a new product will succeed once it reaches the market. In our latest blog, Deloitte and industry leaders from Astellas Gene Therapies and Alnylam Pharmaceuticals explore four strategies to improve market access for new biopharma drugs.







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