Transforming While Transacting: Transformation enablers of success

Top three enablers of success

Digital transformation provides undeniable value to companies, but often it’s hard to pin down what success looks like in an M&A deal; even more difficult is determining what those specific enablers of success are. In this episode of the Transforming While Transacting podcast series, Dounia Senawi, a principal in our Deloitte Consulting practice, reveals her top three enablers of success and provides firsthand examples of their outcomes.

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Dounia Senawi, a principal in the Deloitte Consulting practice, reveals top three transformation enablers of success

In today’s corporate M&A landscape, business and operational transformation doesn’t just happen. It is a deliberate and rigorous undertaking that needs diligent preparation and alignment. Companies that actively transform while transacting can transform their business, their operations, and their future. But as with any reaction, transformation can successfully happen only with the right catalyst.

These catalysts are the enablers of success. They are almost as numerous as the questions that surround transformation in aggregate. In this episode, Deloitte Consulting Principal Dounia Senawi and our host, Raed Masoud, discuss a few of these catalysts that rise to the top. Senawi shares firsthand examples of how these enablers have created tangible value in real-world case studies.

Transformations and transactions alone are complex undertakings, and doing both at the same time can be daunting for clients. However, if done right, planning and executing a transformation while transacting can be a force multiplier and really make both efforts more effective. … Success factors for me that rise to the top are early identification and planning, alignment with existing capabilities, and properly incentivizing the organization throughout the transformation.

—Dounia Senawi, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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