Transforming While Transacting: Tax leader talks transformation in M&A deals

Transformation, tax, and transactions

As companies prioritize transformation, one of the most important considerations for M&A dealmakers is how transformation can bring greater value to the transaction. This episode of the Transforming While Transacting podcast explores the right approach to transformation planning, execution, and integration, plus considerations for determining its value and tax implications.

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Brian Pinto shares insights on adding value to M&A transactions

Today, many leading companies are looking to the M&A transaction as an opportunity to implement and execute digital transformation and to lock in value well beyond the transaction. Companies “transforming while transacting” increase their chances of achieving value targets and apply the programmatic discipline of managing the transaction to the transformation.

In this episode, Brian Pinto and host Raed Masoud, both principals with Deloitte Consulting LLP, explore the impact of transformation in an M&A transaction and considerations for planning a successful execution, alongside planning and execution considerations. You’ll also uncover the questions essential to determining the value of transformation, and learn how teaming with Tax can supercharge value creation.

Digital transformation remains No. 1 priority considered by companies aiming to drive growth (organic and inorganic), develop competitive and game-changing capabilities, fast track new business model and product development, drive scalability, and accelerate operational speed and efficiency. Organizations continue to see the strategic advantage of using M&A as a launchpad to accelerate that transformation and to drive and realize value. 

– Brian Pinto Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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