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Enterprise Risk Management Services

A framework for responding to critical enterprise risks

Critical, disruptive events can threaten the very survival of your organization. Our Enterprise Risk Management specialists provide consultative and managed services, as well as interactive labs, to help C-suite executives, boards, and decision-makers identify, interpret, and prepare for risks that can impact business as usual. We help clients lead, navigate, and disrupt to turn potential threats into opportunities.

Enterprise risk

Rising demand from unexpected sources. Business model threats from upstarts in new sectors. A shifting geopolitical landscape. The new breed of connected information systems. Natural disasters, critical events, and more. Strategic risks have the potential to disrupt business strategy. But—if you can disrupt rather than be disrupted—there are tremendous opportunities to seize competitive advantages.

Drawing on in-depth industry experience, macro trends, horizon-scanning techniques, and advanced risk sensing tools for identifying and tracking the weak signals of change, we can help your organization discover, interpret, prepare, and capitalize on strategic risks.

Discover strategic risks

  • Diagnose your current assumptions, blind spots, and organizational dynamics to provide fresh insight into competitive advantages, vulnerabilities, and potential areas of missed opportunity.
  • Explore future trends and scenarios to understand the strategic risks they may pose.

Interpret strategic risks

  • Systematically scan for and track your organizational risks to analyze and interpret how they relate to your strategy.
  • Engage strategic decision-makers through dashboards, workshops, simulations, and technology-enabled experiences, driving action and a sense of urgency.
  • Define a governance structure that supports executive ownership and helps to enable timely and appropriate decision making.

Prepare for strategic risks

  • Engage our deep, market-leading experience across risk advisory to assist you in defining and implementing an appropriate response strategy.

Bring it to life

Through an immersive and highly interactive session in our client experience lab program, we can help you bring to life the disruptors shaping your industry, discover new insights into your most relevant risks, and incorporate risk thinking into critical business decisions.

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How Deloitte can help

Our experienced risk leaders can assist you in implementing a strategic risk management framework to prepare for and recover from mega events. Armed with leading-edge tools and technologies, we work alongside you to help spot, assess, manage, and prepare for risks that have the potential to disrupt your enterprise’s business strategy.

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Extended enterprise risk

Your risk also extends beyond the walls of your organization to your “extended” business enterprise. We can help you manage the broader ecosystem in which you operate, including your third parties, licenses, alliances, supply chain, and more.

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Deloitte MarketPoint is a leading provider of energy resource economics, market fundamental analysis, and strategic insight for the global oil, natural gas, and power markets. MarketPoint helps clients frame the uncertainty in their economic future. Using our proprietary, licensable “MarketBuilder” software, we offer actionable decision-support solutions that capture the way markets actually work.

Power & Utilities leaders, learn more about how you can address your board’s changing expectations for managing risk.

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Risk sensing and geospatial analytics

Risk sensing—using human insights and advanced analytics capabilities to identify, analyze, and monitor emerging risks—has become a key component of many organizations’ arsenals for managing risk. In fact, 81 percent of respondents in the Deloitte survey say their companies leverage risk sensing tools, but do those capabilities go far enough to mitigate risks?

Read Exploring strategic risk.

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