Tech trends in state taxation and compliance

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How is technology shaping the tax departments of the future? In this latest episode, Andrew Gold, technology and innovation leader for the Deloitte Multistate Tax Service practice, joins host Carrie Falkenhayn to talk about one area in particular that is being radically transformed by emerging technologies: the state taxation and compliance space.

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Tax podcast: Tech trends in state taxation and compliance

With 50 states, businesses in the US face 50 different sets of tax rules and compliance complexities. However, as technology ushers in a new era of digitization in tax, those complexities are becoming more manageable. In this latest episode, Carrie Falkenhayn sits down with technology and innovation leader for the Deloitte Multistate Tax Services practice, Andrew Gold, to discuss how technology is impacting state taxation, particularly in areas like data management and reporting, with the emergence of more user-focused tax tech tools. Andrew also talks about the evolving role of tax professionals in managing these new tax tools.

We are now seeing the next wave of technology tools aimed at tax and finance departments, like data wrangling and visualization tools, which are more accessible to the tax professional and don’t need an IT expert to realize the benefit from using tools in your department.

—Andrew Gold

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