The Build Back Better Act and the path forward

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In 2022, Democrats still have hopes of keeping some form of the Build Back Better Act alive. Join Deloitte Tax leaders Carrie Falkenhayn and Jonathan Traub in this latest episode as they discuss what’s next for the bill and what challenges Democrats are facing in Congress to get it passed.

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Tax podcast: The Build Back Better Act and the path forward

Between Senator Manchin’s opposition, the urgency to pass a government funding bill, an upcoming Supreme Court vacancy, and other rising issues in Congress, Democrats are in a fight to revive the Build Back Better Act in 2022. In this latest episode, host Carrie Falkenhayn meets with Deloitte Tax leader and former House member of the Ways and Means Committee Jonathan Traub to discuss the current standing of the bill and some of the challenges Democratic senators are facing in the new year to get it passed.

Another thing pushing Build Back Better to the side is that Senator Ben Lujan suffered a stroke and is not going to be able to be in DC for weeks. Democrats can’t bring bills to the floor with him out since they would only have 49 Democratic votes.

—Jonathan Traub

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