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​If your company is entering new markets, acquiring or merging with another company, consolidating, divesting, or relocating facilities and operations, or simply growing, state and local incentives and tax credits can present a significant opportunity.

By exploring, securing, and implementing available credits and incentives, you can potentially: avoid paying unnecessary taxes, obtain immediate tax refunds, manage operational costs, improve earnings before interest and tax, net income, and shareholder value, and enhance the economic value of company initiatives. However, many different factors affect the specific types of credits and incentives that may be available to your company. Deloitte can help you sort through the potential benefits along with the related requirements.

​Work Opportunity Tax Credits Services (WOTC)

Does your company claim the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), a federal tax credit designed to encourage businesses to hire individuals from certain targeted groups? As the WOTC can range between $2,400 and $9,600 for each qualified employee, the total potentially available WOTC can be substantial for many companies. How well is your tax department equipped to address the WOTC application, certification, and computation processes? Deloitte’s WOTC Services and our supporting Technology for WOTC, or T4WOTCTM, offer many advantages over traditional approaches, from obtaining job applicant information and monitoring compliance metrics, through computing the amount of available WOTC.

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​Deloitte Incentive Assistant (DIA)

Deloitte’s Credits and Incentives Technology and Reporting team has developed a web-based system designed to address incentive planning and compliance. We have developed technology tools along with dedicated resources to help deliver incentives dollars. Our tool is designed to help you coordinate incentives activities and provide tools to promote strategic thinking among the various departments typically involved throughout the credits and incentives life-cycle. We can help streamline implementation of credits and incentives programs through timely reminders of reporting deadlines and critical benefit maintenance tasks and increase consistency and accountability to reduce exposure to potential recapture (claw back) provisions and associated negative publicity that may result.

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​Employment-related incentives

Employers may be eligible to claim significant dollars in federal, state and local Incentives for employment related activities such as creating jobs, hiring eligible employees and training employees. Deloitte Tax National Credits and Incentives practice can assist clients in the identification, securing, and implementation of available employment-related tax credits and financial credits.

Read more about bridging the talent gap while decreasing cost per hire and training cost per employee.

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Credits & Incentives talk with Deloitte

“Credits and Incentives talk with Deloitte,” is a periodic column by Charles Ruby of Deloitte Tax LLP, featured in the Journal of Multistate Taxation and Incentives, a Thomson Reuters publication.

January 2019: Missouri tax credit and incentive restructuring

The January edition, co-authored by Patrick Hanlon and David Douglas offers a brief background of the efforts at the state level to analyze the overall effectiveness of Missouri's tax credit and incentive offerings as well as a summary of the modifications which resulted from this effort.

September 2018: Tax Reform Impacts on Section 118

The September edition, co-authored by Brett Johnson and Marcus Panasewicz discusses the amendments to Section of 118 and offers a brief summary of incentives available since the enactment of The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA).

June 2018: Focusing the lens on film credits

The June edition, co-authored by Brett Johnston and Bruce Kessler offers a brief summary of film credits in four states with broad-based film incentives programs, focusing on differing eligibility requirements and benefit amounts, credit monetization, and current state oversight.

March/April 2018: The empire state is open for business—Overview of select New York credits & incentives

The March/April edition, co-authored by Douglas Tyler and Jackie Hakiman discusses the variety of tax and financial incentives programs that may provide a valuable return on investment for companies considering expanding or relocating operations in New York.

Internal use software: Adapting to the final regulations issued in 2016

The January edition co-authored with Martin Karamon discusses the enactment of the original federal research credit in 1981 under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 41, and the recent federal regulatory developments related to internal use software.

September 2017: Enterprise zones: A comparison of EZ programs in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin

The September 2017 edition, co-authored with Linda Bonelli and John Casey, provides an overview of the respective enterprise zones (EZs) programs in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin, as well as highlights some of the more notable differences.

August 2017:  The DC qualified high-technology company program: Recent developments

The August 2017 edition, co-authored with Scott Frishman and Jennifer Alban-Bond, provides an overview of the tax credits and exemptions available to a Qualified High-Technology Company (QHTC).

July 2017: Pollution control tax—State and local credits & incentives

The July 2017 edition co-authored with Darilyn Stewart and Bruce Kessler provides an overview of state programs providing tax credits and incentives that seek to offset the costs of implementing pollution control activities.

May 2017: Tax credits and incentives for oil & gas producers in a low-price environment

The May 2017 edition co-authored with Dan Shirley, Irene Manos, and Kelsey Muraoka focuses on some of the federal and state tax benefits potentially available to oil and gas producers in the current low-price environment.

March/April 2017: Transferable state tax credits and incentives—an important element of tax planning

The March/April edition of “Credits & Incentives talk with Deloitte,” co-authored with Marcus Panasewicz and Crystal Nicholas provides an overview of transferable state tax credits and incentives.

February 2017: Research & development credits—Texas considerations

This edition explores Texas’ research and development credits with a focus on sales/use tax exemptions and franchise tax credits.

January 2017: The Texas Enterprise Zone Program

The January edition authored by Kevin Potter, George Francis, and James Graham Keefe, provides an overview of the Texas Enterprise Zone Program, with discussion of the history and the mechanics of the program.

December 2016: Credits and incentives for the aerospace and defense industry

This column outlines some of the credits and incentives which may be available to aerospace and defense (A&D) companies including research and development (R&D) credits, employment incentives, and real estate and capital investment incentives.

October 2016: A "hot" incentive companies may be missing

The October edition co-authored with Jeremy Demuth of Deloitte Tax LLP gives an overview of incentives for CHP systems and how they can impact a business.

September 2016: Navigating a rewarding financing tool: New Markets Tax Credit

The September edition co-authored with Jarick Poulson of Deloitte Tax LLP, gives an overview of the New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) and how it can impact a business.

August 2016: Governmental incentives to combat long-term unemployment

This edition will take a closer look at the trends and highlights various federal and state programs that provide tax-related benefits to companies that act to hire people within the long-term unemployment population.

July 2016: Research & development credits—Texas considerations

This edition explores Texas’ research and development credits with a focus on sales/use tax exemptions and franchise tax credits.

May 2016: Congress extends and expands WOTC to fight unemployment

This edition discusses the extension of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program, available to employers hiring individuals from certain target groups, as a tool to reduce the ranks of unemployed.

March/April 2016: Georgia hiring credits

This edition focuses on the state's hiring tax credits. The amount of hiring credits, along with the various methods for a business to utilize those credits, make Georgia a strong contender for job growth.

February 2016: Arkansas proposes constitutional amendment to encourage economic development

The February edition, co-authored with Michael G. Krajcer and Linda Bonelli of Deloitte Tax LLP, discusses economic incentives in Arkansas that have been bumping up against the state's constitutional limitations for decades.

January 2016: "New employee-training credits and incentives opportunities in New York"

The January edition of "Credits and Incentives talk with Deloitte," is devoted to employee-training tax credits and financial incentives as a potential way to help organizations subsidize this significant cost. 

November/December 2015: "Credits and incentives, timing is everything"

The November/December edition of "Credits and Incentives talk with Deloitte," co-authored with Nancy Foster of Deloitte Tax LLP, discusses timing throughout the entire process of obtaining, securing, and monetizing credits and incentives benefits.

October 2015: "The future of the 421-a property tax exemption in New York City

The October edition summarizes those aspects of the 421-a exemption program--as amended in AB 8323--that would be applicable through June 15, 2019, pending execution of the memorandum of understanding.

September 2015: "A roadmap of how one governor used economic development to create a new Virginia economy: Part two"

September’s “Credits & Incentives talk with Deloitte” explores the indirect, big–picture incentives intended to provide staying power to Governor McAuliffe's New Virginia Economy strategic plan.

August 2015: "A roadmap of how one governor used economic development to create a new Virginia economy"

The August issue of "Credits & Incentives talk with Deloitte" discusses how one governor used economic development to create a new Virginia economy and his approaches form a comprehensive, long-term strategy to turn his state into a modern-day leader in global economic development.

July 2015: "Credits and incentives provide green for going green"

The July issue of "Credits & Incentives talk with Deloitte" discusses how businesses can use tax credits and incentives to help lower the overall cost of going green.

June 2015: "Tax credit carryforwards, less may be more"

The June issue of "Credits & Incentives talk with Deloitte" discusses possible options for carrying forward excess tax credits.

May 2015: "States Use Credits & Incentives to Attract Startups and Technology Companies"

The May issue of “Credits & Incentives talk with Deloitte” highlights some of the states with noteworthy programs focused on attracting and retaining technology companies and startups.

March/April 2015: “The Home Field Advantage of Credits and Incentives”

This issue's column discusses state and local credits and incentives for major league sports franchises, with examples of how states have used tax credits and incentives to attract or retain sport franchises

February 2015: “Lights, Camera, Action…Incentives”

February’s issue of “Credits & Incentives talk with Deloitte,” provides some examples of available tax credits and incentives for film and television production in a number of state and local jurisdictions.

January 2015: “The Many Rewards of Hiring Veterans”

In this article, we summarize the federal programs and some of the programs offered by the larger states. These incentives, along with the skills that veterans bring to the workforce from their military training and service, present a strong business case for hiring veterans.

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