US Inbound Tax Services

​Effectively integrating a US investment into your global portfolio has its share of challenges and opportunities, whether you are establishing a footprint in the US for the first time or have had a US presence for many years. Non-US-headquartered companies that invest in the US face a complicated, high-cost tax system, including a wide array of federal, state, and local taxing jurisdictions.


The resulting tax complexity may put your company at risk for noncompliance, or result in surprises in your total tax liability. A few prominent areas of risk include withholding obligations on cross-border payments, tax information reporting requirements, transfer pricing, and nexus issues in various states.

A deeper dive

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US Inbound Tax Services

Capturing value, keeping value

More foreign direct investment flows into the United States than into any other country. There is more than $2 trillion in capital in the US that originated somewhere else – equal to about 16 percent of US gross domestic product. About 4.6 percent of privately employed people in the US work for American affiliates of overseas companies.

Branching out

Here are 10 questions to help in your decision process:

  1. How does making or increasing a U.S. investment fit with your global growth strategy?
  2. Should you acquire or go greenfield?
  3. If you acquire, what’s the right target? What’s the right price?
  4. If you go greenfield, where is the right place in the United States to invest?
  5. What tax considerations will you have to manage?
  6. How will you navigate the U.S. regulatory landscape?
  7. How can you compete?
  8. What talent challenges and opportunities should you focus on?
  9. What brand challenges does your investment present?
  10. Once the deal is done, what’s your plan to drive synergies and generate sustainable shareholder value?