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The future of the workforce is changing and we are operating in a more global environment. Among the most serious challenges businesses face today is compliance with the multifaceted tax laws and regulations that impact their global mobility, talent, and rewards programs. Deloitte takes an integrated approach to helping companies address these challenges through well-rounded plans, technology, and program development strategies that can help advise, transform, and deliver programs in a tax- and cost-efficient manner.


In the current regulatory environment, local and international tax laws present many challenges for global organizations and the deployment of talent across jurisdictions and borders. In order to be competitive, companies must offer human resources programs that support high-performers and drive high-performance results. Global incentive programs can be a vehicle for innovative ways to advance an organization’s corporate agenda. 

We work with our clients to provide efficient solutions to today’s global mobility challenges that drive strategic growth and alignment with business goals and priorities. Through innovation built on experience, we consider processes that support human resource goals, provide operational and cost improvements, and contribute to overall risk management while aligning with the global goals and strategies of the enterprise.


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Today’s global environment challenges companies to think strategically about harnessing the energy and ingenuity of a geographically and culturally diverse workforce. Well designed, well managed programs allow companies to quantify return on investment and make more strategic decisions about how best to achieve talent management objectives. 

We assist companies with analyzing, enhancing, and ultimately transforming their global mobility, talent, and rewards programs. We draw upon the breadth of our experience and insight to provide clients with leading edge planning that incorporates a practical perspective on implementation and ongoing operations. We assist them with the design and implementation of appropriate processes and procedures, enabled by technology, to manage the financial and regulatory risk of deploying talent across-borders. 


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With the movement of labor globally in the post global financial crisis period, there is an increased focus that host country authorities bring to mitigating the impact of the use of foreign labor on the local labor market. This creates added risk for businesses. 

We help clients manage compliance and deliver operational efficiencies, driven by process and technology, that in grounded in personal interaction through our global network. We help our clients by identifying potential risks and opportunities and analyzing compliance processes on a global basis. In understanding an organization's current state and envisioning a dynamic future state, we present alternative scenarios for approaching compliance, and we can adjust the scope of our services to address current and evolving needs and circumstances. 


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Will Posey

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