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Blockchain and digital asset tax services

Insights and resources for addressing blockchain and digital asset tax issues

How will your organization make its mark with the use of blockchain and digital assets? Our specialized tax, consulting, and advisory services can help you explore and seize the exciting, but complex opportunities these developments present.

Charitable Gifts of Crypto: Old Rules to New Assets

Many types of digital assets take different forms of property, per the tax rules. As such, gifts of cryptocurrency may represent new investment vehicles. But avoiding tax consequences and ensuring crypto tax compliance means understanding how old rules apply to these new assets.

As digital assets (a.k.a. cryptocurrency) are seeing increased adoption, donors and charities alike are looking for opportunities to give or receive some type of digital asset as a contribution. Charitable gifts of digital assets can pose significant questions for both the donors and the recipient charities, as current tax laws were not necessarily designed to address digital contributions.

Charitable Gifts of Crypto: Old Rules to New Assets

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Crypto asset management: Managing the tax expectations gap

In the past few years, we have witnessed an exponential growth of both interest and investment in digital assets and cryptocurrencies. New players have launched related funds and investment vehicles. Established investment management funds are also exploring this new frontier.

But the tax rules governing this space are not fully established. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has yet to issue full guidance on how these assets are to be taxed or how to specifically classify them. So players in this space need to proceed with caution.

Your specific circumstances will inevitably shape the contours of your approach to these tax issues. But there are some important IRS guideposts that offer direction and help narrow the expectations gap. We’ve sketched out some of the key issues that warrant your attention when dealing with taxes on crypto assets.

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Crypto asset management: Managing the tax expectations gap

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Uncharted territory: The state income tax implications of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency

As corporations use digital assets such as Bitcoin and tokens in increasingly frequent and creative ways, they face a range of new cryptocurrency state tax implications. Our new article outlines the potential corporate income tax challenges at the state tax level, with the goal of helping both mature companies and emerging disruptors navigate this uncertain environment and plan for possible cryptocurrency tax issues in their planning and compliance activities.

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Additional IRS guidance on virtual currency transactions

On October 9, 2019, the IRS issued guidance relevant to transactions involving virtual currency. This was the first official commentary from the IRS on virtual currencies since Notice 2014-21 issued more than five years ago. The guidance came in the form of a Revenue Ruling (Rev. Rul. 2019-24), and frequently asked questions which apply to taxpayers holding virtual currency as a capital asset. The IRS guidance addresses many areas associated with virtual currency transactions, including tax accounting, valuation, reporting, charitable contributions, and the tax implications of “hard forks” and airdrops. Read our summary and initial analysis or view our on-demand TaxFirst webinar, “New IRS guidance on taxation of virtual currency.”

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The tax implications of blockchain

As organizations step up their exploration and deployment of blockchain, tokens, and digital assets, Deloitte can help them understand and address the new and unforeseen challenges they pose. Use the tabs below to explore these areas.

Tax consulting services

Deloitte is leading the industry in applying its tax expertise to digital assets, tokens, and enterprise solutions. We can help you add value to blockchain-based businesses or applications, and offer developed positions across the following core competencies:


Build on our experience in blockchain, digital assets, and Bitcoin tax issues

Deloitte has been a leading advisor to the blockchain and digital assets ecosystem since its inception. Let us help you unlock the power of these innovations for your organization. 

Industry matters
We serve blockchain and digital asset business models across many industries—financial services, entertainment, health care, real estate, telecom, manufacturing, transportation, and government.
Global and local
We are a global network of member firms with an established practice in blockchain and cryptocurrency represented by a cross-border network of local teams in 52 countries served by our member firms.
Experience in blockchain and digital assets
● 1,300+ experienced practitioners
● 500+ active clients
● Full life cycle of services—formation, funding, operations, growth, and exit
● Established exchanges
● Notable tokenized businesses
● Large-cap funds
● Brand-name investors

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The clients and markets we serve:

  • Exchanges
  • Miners
  • Protocols
  • Tokenized business
  • Funds/investors

An integrated approach to blockchain and digital asset deployment

Deloitte brings together a broad range of tax, audit, consulting, and advisory services to help clients explore and implement blockchain and digital assets within their organizations. Learn more about our services and solutions to help you innovate with blockchain.

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