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National Multistate Tax Services

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Virtually every business decision has a tax consequence. Now, more than ever, companies with operations in multiple jurisdictions have reason to keep the big picture in view when it comes to state taxation. There are many ripple effects from a tax perspective when a company complies with federal and state law requirements outside of the tax arena. Our National Multistate Tax Services team can help align your business objectives and strategies with a thorough multistate tax posture.

State Strategic Tax Review Services

As companies continue to evolve in today’s dynamic marketplace, their operations and geographic footprints change rapidly. Consequently, having an effective tax structure that aligns with business strategy and operations is critical. Our process includes a detailed understanding of a your business strategy and operations to help the company design and implement a multistate tax approach that not only aligns with business goals, but also seeks to accommodate growth.

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Credits and Incentives Services

If your company is entering new markets; acquiring or merging with another company; consolidating, divesting, or relocating facilities and operations; or simply growing, state and local incentives and tax credits can present a significant opportunity.

By exploring, securing, and implementing available credits and incentives, you can potentially

  • Avoid paying unnecessary taxes
  • Obtain immediate tax refunds
  • Manage operational costs
  • Improve earnings before interest and tax, net income, and shareholder value
  • Enhance the economic value of company initiatives

However, many different factors affect the specific types of credits and incentives that may be available to your company. Deloitte can help you sort through the potential benefits along with the related requirements.

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Revenue Agent Reporting

IRS examinations often result in changes to federal taxable income that, in turn, can require the amendment of hundreds or even thousands of state and local income tax returns that are typically due within a very short time frame. The failure to file the state amended returns in a timely manner can result in penalties, interest, and lost refund opportunities.

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Multistate Legal Entity Restructuring Services

Businesses are increasingly burdened by administrative and tax costs resulting from growth objectives that emphasize globalization through either organic growth or by acquisitions. Meanwhile, state legislative efforts to expand the tax base and heightened revenue agency enforcement efforts require greater attention by internal tax departments. To address these concerns, growing businesses are seeking a cost-efficient organizational structure that better aligns with its operations and objectives. However, growing businesses often lack the resources to effectively analyze structural alternatives and filing positions. The complexities of state income tax laws combined with competing organizational demands for resources and the number of scenarios to consider can create challenges.

Our Multistate Legal Entity Restructuring Services are designed to complement an organization’s existing operations, legal entity changes, and acquisition or divestiture activities, while focused on enhancing state income tax efficiencies. Deloitte Tax undertakes the Services via a phased approach and utilizes its Multistate Data Analytics Tool (MDAT) to efficiently and quickly model multiple structural scenarios to assist you in determining the optimal structure that aligns with your business imperatives.

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California Suite

Deloitte Tax has a large, dedicated group of California tax specialists who provide a wide range of services to California taxpayers to help them navigate the California tax landscape. Companies doing business in the state face a complex corporate tax system, which often results in California tax being the company’s single largest state tax liability. Due to the adoption of single-sales-factor apportionment and market sourcing, California’s tax system significantly impacts corporations based outside the state. 

California Suite, a coordinated team comprised of individuals with legal backgrounds, accountants and former Franchise Tax Board (FTB) professionals, offers tax consulting and controversy services to help companies address this liability. California Suite’s services include:

  • Consulting on complex issues
  • Refund and offset reviews
  • Prospective issue resolution agreements with the FTB (e.g., alternative apportionment petitions, rulings and closing agreements)
  • Representation of taxpayers throughout the traditional controversy process, including audits, protests, settlements, and appeals

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