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From seed to sale,
we are with you

About us

CCI Deloitte provides clients with end-to-end solutions at every stage of the cannabis business.

Retail in Ontario

On January 6, 2020, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) began accepting operator licence applications from prospective retailers on a first-come first-serve basis. CCI Deloitte’s team of local and national experts provides objective advice and supports businesses through the evolving regulatory retail cannabis landscape.

Compliance and assessments

Developed to optimize your operations and improve your cannabis business results, our compliance and assessments anticipate risk-averse domains and provide quality assurance.

Facility and operational support

In-depth expertise in design, building, expanding, and optimizing cannabis facilities and operations.

Market entry assessments

With in-depth knowledge of cannabis, CCI Deloitte provides vital market entry advisory for new and established cannabis businesses seeking consultation on financing, investments, business methodologies, human capital requirements, compensation, product selection, innovation pipelines, capacity and production planning, CAPEX requirements and taxation.

Training and education

Designed for employee success. CCI Deloitte's programming reflects the latest industry requirements in cannabis, compliance, and quality assurance.


CCI Deloitte leverages subject matter experts to review candidates in the cannabis industry. With a phased screening process, including experienced recruiters and experts to verify technical skills, clients receive a robust and detailed shortlist to better position them for success.

Licensing and applications

At CCI Deloitte, we navigate the complex cannabis regulatory system to establish and amend any of the following licenses: Standard or micro cultivation, nursery, standard or micro processor, federal medical sales possession, non-possession, research and development, analytical testing, industrial hemp, cannabis drug, and provincial retail and warehouse.

Rishi Malkani

Rishi is a partner in the M&A Transaction Services Group. He is the lead partner managing the Cannabis practice in Canada. Rishi has over a decade of experience advising both strategic and financial sponsor clients in a variety of capacities. Rishi specializes in delivering strategic advice, comprehensive due diligence, buy and sell-side advisory services and deal structuring advice.

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