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We serve real estate companies who are involved in all types of developments, including: retail and commercial properties, office buildings, hotels and resorts, standard residential and luxury residential apartments/villas.

Opportunities and challenges

With the Chinese real estate market’s significant growth, real estate developers face a growing range of opportunities and challenges. Managing with the right teams, systems, processes and structures are critical both to sustain and enhance the value of the companies.

Developers may mitigate their investment risks by putting in place control processes such as:

  • evaluation models to support real estate investment decisions
  • analysis to determine the optimal structure of the investment and the nature of the entities to be established
  • assurance work on the financial strength and commitment of partners in real estate joint ventures
  • establishing  the availability and cost of refinancing upon the expiry of mortgages
  • projections of cash flow demand according to certain significant obligations, including property taxes, maintenance costs, mortgage payment, insurance costs and related charges regardless of whether or not a property is producing sufficient income to pay such expenses
  • establishing efficient and effective processes for smooth operation
  • producing timely, good quality financial reports to stakeholders, including: the board of directors, business partners, and regulatory authorities.

How Deloitte can help

We help developers identify their business needs and collaborate with them in developing tailor-made solutions to complex business issues. We help their executives control risks and improve processes for business management and development.

To help developers achieve success in the challenging real estate market, our real estate teams are made up of real estate industry specialists and experts who possess in-depth knowledge and sector-specific experience.

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  • Report on cooperative development between shopping centers and Chain brand merchants in China 2014
    Based on macro data of the industry, interviews of insiders as well as 331 questionnaires for shopping center developers, merchants and customers, the report analyzed the current status and trends of the industry.
  • China's Senior Housing – Now and the Future
    China’s ageing population has received growing attention in recent years bringing the issue of “elder care” to the forefront of policy makers, and organizations’ mind. As China’s elderly population grows at an accelerating rate, many businesses now view elder care as a “sunrise industry” which can offer attractive returns for investors. 
  • China real estate investment handbook 2013 edition
    This 2013 edition summarises the updates on taxation and accounting treatments for real estate investment, key changes, risks and opportunities. Some new insights, such as business trusts, outbound investment considerations are included.
  • IFRS in Real Estate: More than just accounting and reporting
    This publication provides practical industry insights on IFRS for real estate executives and includes useful sections on IFRS challenges and opportunities in the real estate industry.