Climate and Sustainability

We guide organizations to a more sustainable future, through data-driven insights, specialist competences and industry expertise.

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Climate Action

Climate change is rapidly changing the business landscape as both consumers, regulators and companies increasingly commit to a more sustainable direction – inaction is no longer an option.

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Sustainable Strategy and Governance

As sustainability has become core to competitiveness, companies and organizations of all sizes need to take a stance on what their ambition level is and how they will reach it.

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Sustainability and ESG Performance and Reporting

With a strong societal focus on sustainability and responsible business conduct, the need to be transparent and provide credible and comparable sustainability data is ever increasing.

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Sustainable Supply Chain Transformation

Supply chains were traditionally set up for cost and time efficiency, but now increasing environmental and social responsibilities demand a redesign as stakeholder expectations and legislation are changing.

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Sustainable Finance and Investments

The financial services industry is essential for our transition to a sustainable economy. It requires financial systems that are resilient to a complex universe of environmental and social risks.

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We need a sustainable transformation. Now.

Today’s climate crisis urges us to rethink and reinvent our economy. To succeed, businesses, organizations and governments must take collective action and prioritize sustainability.

As a global and multidisciplinary firm, Deloitte is uniquely positioned to help you integrate sustainability in all parts of your organization and throughout your operations. No matter your starting point, we can help you identify the issues and initiatives required to tackle the sustainability challenges that are most significant to you. And we have helped our clients do so for more than 20 years. Together we can transition into a sustainable and resilient future.

Progress is possible if we act collectively.

We can help you with:

  • Climate Action: Set a new climate direction and build the necessary capabilities.

  • KPIs & Reporting: Develop performance measures and integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria into risk management, financing and investment strategies.

  • Finance: Integrate ESG criteria or design green and sustainable finance solutions.

  • Strategy & Governance: Establish a sustainability transformation strategy that is anchored in governance.

  • Supply Chains & Partnerships: Ensure that your supply chain is sustainable by leveraging data, technology, partnerships etc.

Deloitte has the innovative approaches and digital solutions that will empower you to think and act differently. In combination with our holistic, data-driven approach, we empower you to create a truly sustainable business – both financially, socially and environmentally.

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Anne Kathrine W. Holm

Partner & Danish Sustainability Lead

Claus Stig Pedersen

Partner & Nordic Sustainability Lead

Marie Voldby

Partner, ESG, Sustainability & Compliance |Sustainability and ESG Performance and Reporting

Mads Stærdahl Rosenfeldt

Partner | ESG Assurance & Reporting

Helena Barton

Partner, Sustainability | ESG | Climate Risk

Majbritt Skov

Partner I Climate & Head of Deloitte Economics

Charlotte Sørensen

Partner | Tax | IND Excise Duties

Ida Wollenberg Juul


Sameena Matthiessen

Senior Manager | RA Sustainability

WorldClimate – Deloitte’s own climate strategy

WorldClimate – Deloitte’s own climate strategy

Alongside the work we do for our clients, we have been rewriting our own future. Looking at how we can connect with our people and clients to create a measurable, sustainable impact, we set a goal of net-zero emissions with 2030 goals.

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