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Value Creation Services

The single-minded focus of Deloitte’s Value Creation Services team is to improve cash and enhance profits for our clients

We are pragmatic and apply a financial investor lens to performance improvement. With a suite of proven and unrivalled techniques across Cash, Working Capital and Performance Improvement, we quickly identify, plan and implement a range of tailored initiatives to deliver tangible benefits across the entire value chain.

ESG Value Creation Services

Your challenge
ESG is increasingly prevalent as a driver for investor decision-making and M&A, with recent examples of discounts for companies involved in ESG controversies as well as premiums for companies that score highly on ESG. However, against a backdrop of climate change and a myriad of social issues, it can be hard to understand which ESG issues impact your business.

Our solution
Deploying skills and experience from across our global network of ESG industry specialists, Deloitte ESG Value Creation Services cuts through the hype and focuses on green finance, strategic alignment, due diligence, execution, and value creation. ESG focus topics:

Value Creation Transformation

Your challenge
Whatever the commercial context, it is rare to encounter an organisation that could not benefit from streamlined operations, reduced costs or increased sales. Deloitte’s Value Creation Services team – all change management and implementation specialists – has a singular focus: to deliver rapid operational improvement from improving cash flow and EBITDA margins for clients in any industry.

Deploying skills ranging from pricing strategy optimisation and SG&A cost rationalisation through to organisational and process review and redesign, we target the improvements that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line in the shortest period of time.

Our solution
Our pragmatic, results-driven team applies a financial investor lens to performance improvement. We have deep situational and sector experience, and take a hands-on and collaborative approach to achieving sustainable results. Typical focus areas:

  • Hypothesis led Private Equity lens and insight
  • Cash & Working Capital OptimizationZero-based budgeting challenge to revenue and costs (supply chain, sales, marketing, opex)
  • SG&A cost reduction
  • Procurement / Strategic sourcing
  • Revenue and margin growth
  • Corporate simplification and digitization
  • PMO and robust benefits tracking framework
  • Specific CFO and Transformation Director services and support

Why Deloitte?

  • Strong track record in benefits delivery of large scale and complex transformations
  • Private Equity rigor, challenge and quantitative focus
  • Analytics for data-rich environments and opportunities;
  • Broad specialisms framed by Value Creation methodologies, pace and prioritization
  • Situation and industry specialists

Value Creation Turnaround

Your challenge
In challenging times it is important to recognise when your business is facing headwinds – the causes of underperformance can manifest themselves both as internal factors (such as liquidity concerns, loss of key management, stagnating profit margins or a growth strategy not going to plan) or external factors out of your control (for example, currency movements, competitor innovation or trade barriers).

Acting early and quickly ensures value preservation and value delivery.

Our solution
Our turnaround services consist of:

  • Specific Executive support including CFO services, finance and reporting tools
  • Enhanced cash/ liquidity management, working capital and cost-out focus
  • Growth, optimization, transformation and exit option analysis to assess risk and rewards
  • Asset rationalization
  • Contingency planning in distressed cases

Why Deloitte?

  • Expertise in crisis scenarios including Interim Management and stakeholder management
  • Depth of business planning, operational restructuring and liquidity management expertise
  • Subsequent support available for strategic restructuring and exit options

By joining forces with Deloitte, you gain access to proven methodologies and draw on the experience of local experts as well as the international expertise of >300,000 professionals from the Deloitte network.

Being part of Deloitte Transaction services, we work closely with our Financial (Vendor and Acquisition), Operational, Commercial and Technology (IT) Due Diligence, Restructuring, Corporate Finance, Debt Advisory, PMI and Carve-out teams, to provide you with our integrated insights into each stage of the M&A life cycle. We also leverage the audit, risk management, and tax services of Deloitte’s network to bring additional resources to our Value Creation engagements.


Jasper de Grauw

Jasper de Grauw


Jasper begint in 1992 bij de Audit praktijk van PwC. In 1999 stapt hij over naar Transaction Services waar hij vanaf 2001 zich specialiseert in post merger integration en complexe ontvlechtingsvraagst... More

Eddie van Dinther

Eddie van Dinther


The last 20 years my focus is to support companies to improve their returns in times of transformation and deteriorating performance. I support Management to understand the root cause of the underperf... More