Phygital Patient of the future


Phygital Patient of the future

How will digital technology shape the next generation of patients?

The latest Deloitte Digital report presents the most important characteristics of the patient of the future: behavioral patterns, needs and barriers regarding health issues, providing guidance for healthcare providers. It suggests how to reach and meet the needs of the developing patient model.

Jan Michalski, Paweł Kuśmierowski, Grzegorz Kozak – a few words about the report

To explore how the pandemic has affected people's behavior and preferences regarding wellbeing and health, we conducted a study across eleven European markets. The study allowed us to define two post-pandemic patient archetypes representing their health and digital behaviors: Traditional Patients , who rarely use digital channels using up to four applications (they make up almost 43% of the population) and Phygital Patients - who often use digital channels, but also interested in traditional ones (they constitute over 17% of the population).

Phygital Patient of the future

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The aim of the analysis was to identify customers' habits related to well-being and health, as well as the current use and readiness to use digital tools in the future, in order to assess whether modern technologies can help people live healthier lives.

Phygital patients benefit from solutions that combine treatment, technology and social connections to streamline the healthcare process. This group of patients, characterized by high self-awareness and a tendency to use digital technologies, is more willing to test new medical solutions, which makes its members valuable customers - not only for medical service providers. Phygital Patients are the target users of the health and wellbeing ecosystems in which lifestyle, health, insurance and technology companies operate. The use of analog devices is entering a period of decline. Their place is taken by digital applications, the Internet of Things (LOT) and big data tools. The emergence of a group of Phygital Patients may mean a game changer for the entire industry and force the implementation of solutions focused on the needs of such patients.

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