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Career Journey: Shruthi Ganti

Work-life balance champion

Shruthi has worked for 11 years and covered the entire gamut of the recruitment workflow. As a recruiter she takes pride in ensuring that she finds the right roles and environment where people can thrive and do the best work. As an individual she brings 100 percent to the work that she does. Currently she is responsible for hiring top talent and is always in pursuit of industry leaders looking for career change.

What do you find most satisfying and meaningful about your career at Deloitte?

It gives me a sense of achievement to be a part of the recruitment team. As a recruiter I can contribute towards ensuring that Deloitte remains the undisputed professional services leader by attracting the best minds to work here.

What is it about recruiting talent that excites you the most?

Find the brightest minds and bring them to Deloitte. That's my job!
Recruiting gives me an opportunity to create an impact on the organization as well as people. There is unparallel joy in knowing that I play a part in paving the way to a potential candidate’s career at Deloitte.

My day typically begins with—

I start my day by working out at the gym. Apart from the endorphin release, it gives me the time I need to get my thoughts together and get me going for the rest of the day! My work then begins with checking emails and prioritizing my task list. Being around people energizes me and helps me focus on collaborating and getting things done.

Name one of the most memorable moments in your career so far?

In my experience, there is no greater demonstration of Deloitte's long-term commitment to me than extending the flexibility to stay at home when I needed it the most, with my baby and family for six months. The autonomy that Deloitte offered enabled me to customize my career with a variety of options and designing a work life that serves me and my family.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone interested in joining Deloitte?

Deloitte is all about your power of tapping into relationships. There are also many networking opportunities within Deloitte, so you can continually meet new people in other departments and build your network.

How has Deloitte supported you in your journey as a new mom?

Life as a working mom is incredibly fulfilling, but it isn’t always easy. Deloitte understands and respects it. Beyond the human dimension of caring for the well-being of employees, Deloitte is building a workplace that’s easy for parents to be a part of.


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