Checking up on the consumer health care revolution

The latest trends and solutions modernizing health care

This episode of That Makes Cents explores the latest trends around modernizing health care, including virtual care, smart wearables, and changing consumer attitudes around their own wellness journeys.

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Checking up on the consumer health care revolution

Armed with smart watches, fitness trackers, and even health monitoring rings, consumers are taking charge of their own health management. They are driving not only the trend in the consumer products industry, but also major change in the health care space. Where will this revolution take us? What’s beyond virtual visits? Can clinics fill the gaps left by huge hospital systems? Tune in to hear from Dr. Jeff Wells, CEO and cofounder of Marathon Health, and Leslie Read, principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP and leader of our Health Plans Customer Transformation Solutions.

Prior to the pandemic, more than anything people thought about an either/or… are we going to do virtual or brick-and-mortar in-person? It's become absolutely evident that this needs to be an omnichannel experience. We have to intentionally design for the fact that the same patient is going to want to be supported by their provider or their care team across channels.

– Dr. Jeff Wells, chief executive officer, Marathon Health

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