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Consumer preferences and shopping trends

This episode of That Makes Cents explores the findings of Deloitte’s 2021 back-to-school and back-to-college consumer surveys.

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Cheat sheet: Back-to-school retail trends

Many students are preparing to go back to physical classrooms and campuses this fall. What’s making it onto their shopping lists? What are consumers’ preferences when it comes to product categories, platforms, and formats? Tune in to explore the findings of Deloitte’s back-to-school and -college consumer surveys.

You’ll hear excerpts from the Deloitte Insights Press Room podcast, featuring Rod Sides, global leader of Deloitte Insights and US leader of Retail, Wholesale and Distribution; and Kate Ferrara, US Retail, Wholesale and Distribution leader for Deloitte’s Risk and Financial Advisory practice; moderated by Tanya Ott, host of The Press Room.

Even if students are fully in the classroom, a lot of them are used to a more digital learning experience. That was one of the biggest changes that we saw this year in the survey: how much digital learning has propelled the technology spending.

– Kate Ferrara, US Retail, Wholesale & Distribution sector leader, Risk & Financial Advisory, Deloitte & Touche LLP

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