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In this blog, our Deloitte Analytics leaders share their reflections and insights on leveraging analytics to improve operations and drive smarter decisions.


Tax analytics

In this article, Tom Davenport shares insights on tax analytics based on interviews with several directors of tax and tax information technology.


Business traveler management and tax compliance: Data analytics can lighten the load

Learn how workforce analytics may help you proactively manage your business traveler population and related tax obligations. View the graphic recording.
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Tax analytics

Video with Mark Lazzaro, senior partner, Deloitte Tax LLP

When analytics is used to bolster a company’s tax compliance efforts, some companies learn that they’ve been overpaying taxes – in some cases by significant amounts of dollars. This alone can justify investing in tax analytics capabilities. Here’s our take.

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Tax Entity Orchestrator

The Tax Entity Orchestrator helps to gather general ledger data across the enterprise, align it by tax entity, and distribute it to multiple processes.


Deloitte Analytics

Whether you’re pursuing a far-reaching initiative or implementing smaller business analytics programs, we can help you achieve the insight-driven advantage.

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Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)