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Smarter insights with Consumer & Industrial Products data analytics

Analytics perspectives and solutions

While many in the Consumer & Industrial Products (C&IP) industry are still "dabbling" in analytics, "doers" are speeding ahead, powered by advanced analytics, IoT, and cognitive technologies. They can influence buying decisions at every stage of the process, from identifying trends in real time to inform product portfolios, to creating highly personalized marketing campaigns, to knowing where and when to stock high–demand products.

Analytics Insights for Consumer & Industrial Products

  Consumer & Industrial Products
Part 8: The digital thread takes flight
The digital thread—and the data that courses through it—could change everything we have come to understand manufacturing.
Making the future of mobility
Tomorrow’s mobility ecosystem, with fleets of autonomous and/or electric vehicles, may require a new catalog of materials and chemicals to make everything from batteries to simplified powertrains and customizable interiors.
Following the digital thread
Join us in our eight-part exploration of the digital thread—a digitally enabled process with the potential to revolutionize design, production, and the supply chain as we know them.
us-cp-outlook.jpg (100×100) Consumer Products Industry Outlook 2018
Our latest consumer products industry overview provides a closer look at the trends that are disrupting the industry and changing the way they go to market.
Cities explore digital mobility platforms
Urbanites are increasingly taking advantage of different transportation options: carsharing, ride-hailing, bikesharing, greenbelts, pedestrian paths. As a new mobility ecosystem emerges—including autonomous vehicles—it's time for cities to move toward developing integrated mobility platforms.
us-colorful-dots.jpg (100×100) 'Click and connect' with consumer products consumers
Effective digital marketing reaches beyond shifting ad dollars and measuring page views. Find out how to effectively reach consumers using targeted content in both digital and traditional delivery channels.
us-cattele-business-people.jpeg (100×100) Cyber risk in consumer business
As businesses use emerging technologies to redefine the customer experience, they find that these technologies also create perils—especially around cyber risk. From customer trust to intellectual property, consumer businesses discuss the six main cyber risk challenges they face today.
us-sparkle-forms-circle.jpg (100×100) Priming the wholesale distribution revenue engine
The wholesale distribution industry is facing serious and evolving profitability challenges. In addition to continued gross margin compression, Deloitte analysis shows that decelerating revenue growth has led to a flattening of sales and administrative expense productivity. Together these dynamics are pressuring bottom line profits as never before.
us-da-case-study-customer-services.jpg (100×100) Instant detection: Solving customer service issues in minutes
With advanced analytic and visualization capabilities in place, a global consumer products company was able to identify the root cause of customer service issues in a matter of minutes.
Using blockchain to reinvent core airline operations and ecosystems
Blockchain is one of many digital disruptors that are shaking up other industries generally and bringing change to airline operations and ecosystems specifically. What practical uses are airlines finding for this new technology today?
How digital technologies can elevate the car-buying experience
Digital technologies are starting to fundamentally change the way people buy cars, but manufacturers and dealers should think carefully about where to invest in order to elevate the customer experience.
Making the future of mobility
Tomorrow’s mobility ecosystem, with fleets of autonomous and/or electric vehicles, may require a new catalog of materials and chemicals to make everything from batteries to simplified powertrains and customizable interiors.
Drowning in data, but starving for insights
Implementing a digital supply network (DSN) doesn't always mean that companies have to rip out and replace legacy systems. Instead, they can bring together and organize the data already existing in these systems to generate valuable insights that drive the DSN.
us-digital-thread.jpg (100×100) Understanding the digital thread
We are in the midst of a new industrial revolution—one that is built around the fusion of cyber/digital and physical systems. History shows that those who seize the opportunities it offers—and not the ones who worry about the change it brings—stand to gain the most.
us-technology-parashutes.jpeg (100×100) 3D opportunity for life: Additive manufacturing takes humanitarian action
As the need for post–crisis humanitarian aid increases, additive manufacturing (AM) can have a profound impact on aid efforts. While it can start by addressing the single largest challenge in relief work—getting the aid on site—AM also has the potential to drive a new, sustainable approach to aid.
us-cyber-risk-adv-mfg.jpg (100×100) Cyber risk in advanced manufacturing
Led by Deloitte's Center for Industry Insights, the study is informed by 35 executive interviews and 225 survey responses collected in collaboration with Forbes Insights. The study examines six emerging themes and offers manufacturers insights into what they should do to be secure, vigilant, and resilient in addressing cyber risk.
Holiday 2018: Infusing customer insights into growth plans
‘Tis the season to be jolly and prepared for a retail boom. What could the 2018 holiday shopping season hold, and what strategies can retailers employ to thrive against a range of competitors?
Global Powers of Retailing 2018
It is a transformative time in retail. The shopper is clearly in the driver’s seat, enabled by technology to remain constantly connected and more empowered than ever before to drive changes in shopping behavior.
us-icons-loops.jpg (100×100) Retail, wholesale, and distribution industry outlook 2017
Is disruption the new normal? By enabling technology, reinventing brands, and exploring new business models, companies in the retail, wholesale, and distribution industry can prepare themselves for a range of probabilities.
us-advisory-product-safety-trends.jpg (100×100) Five ways to harness the power of product–safety and recall analytics
How can you more effectively manage data and stay out in front of safety recalls? By taking these five tips to heart.

Vitamin D: Deloitte’s Analytics Blog

Read some of the latest analytics blogs. Vitamin D delivers bold, real-world strategies and inspiring success stories to help organizations gain the insight-driven advantage and achieve better outcomes

Case studies

  • A case for proactive pricing
    Fierce competition, volatility in commodity prices, and ever–demanding requirements from retailers were among the challenges facing a multinational food and beverage company seeking to overhaul its pricing capability. Deloitte helped the company develop and implement an enterprise–wide strategic pricing framework designed to bolster the value and impact of product pricing for the company and its key partners—the retailers. The framework is on course to deliver incremental annual revenue and profit of 1.5 percent and 3 percent, respectively.
  • Changing course
    A Caribbean based food & beverage company turns to Deloitte to glean analytics–driven insights from the company's operational and sales data.

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Solutions for C&IP

  • Deloitte Analytics solutions
    We provide our clients with business-ready innovations in analytics that are difficult to match. We are at the forefront continuously developing new science-led, issue-driven analytics solutions to meet our client’s challenges. Our suite of analytics solutions can help deliver an insight-driven advantage today.
  • Time by design
    Deloitte’s Time by Design solution helps executives prioritize and target areas that hinder performance. We provide proprietary algorithms, analytics know-how, and the technology often needed to identify specific ways to improve performance across complex value chains. We also provide the predictive capability needed to answer tough questions.
  • Polaris
    Polaris, a pricing analytics solution available either on-site or by online subscription, helps businesses in targeted sectors drive high-value pricing performance. Polaris combines proprietary algorithms, sector-specific data models, and predictive analytics to harness the power of information for helping companies make smarter, faster decisions that bring innovation to pricing.

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State of AI in The Enterprise, 2nd Edition

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