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Bersin Analytics: Benchmarking and maturity diagnostics

Our human resources benchmarking provides insightful, distinguished data about the value and impact of your HR functions.

Unlock valuable performance drivers. Accelerate your organization’s potential.

Our HR diagnostic offerings deliver insight and wisdom on aligning your human capital capabilities with your company’s strategic business plan by revealing the key operational drivers that can help you accelerate your organization’s performance.

Tools to help you analyze and optimize

Distinguish between remedial, good, and great

Align stakeholders

Our sophisticated, research-based diagnostics assess 14–20 relevant factors and dimensions of maturity across four progressive stages. Diagnostics are currently available for succession management, talent acquisition, and talent management.

A customized, half-day, on-site workshop experience that includes a detailed debrief, helping teams uncover specific challenges, pinpoint issues, brainstorm solutions, and identify enablers and barriers to success.


Find and implement solutions

Identify and prioritize initiatives

Our industry-leading, practical insights help human capital professionals create value for your people and your organization.

By assessing the maturity of your various human capital functions – including talent strategy, learning, HR operations, talent acquisition, rewards, and more – you can plan and undertake new initiatives confidently. Working with Bersin insight, you’ll move forward with impact.



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54 percent of executives believe that their organization is not yet ready for the level of C-suite collaboration required in today’s digital workplace.

– 2018 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends

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