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Today’s trends influence tomorrow’s care delivery

What emerging technologies, challenges, and trends will have the most impact on health care and life sciences organizations over the next 12 months? From virtual care to health equity to sustainability, explore key health care trends—and actionable health care industry insights—to help your company position itself for growth.

Shape your strategy for the year ahead with on-demand health insights

Dbriefs webcast: Take a deep dive into health care and life sciences industry insights

How can leaders better plan for complex challenges and tap new growth opportunities this year? Gain insight into health care and life sciences trends from our 2023 US outlooks—all with Deloitte Dbriefs. Our on-demand webcast gives you valuable health insights help your company build resilience and elevate the patient experience.


To help be well-positioned for success, US life sciences and health care organizations should be agile, adapting to new business models, emerging technologies, climate, and consumer-driven care. Deloitte leaders examine the trends shaping the industry and how they may accelerate the journey to an innovative, more equitable Future of Health. Tune in to a recording of our event to learn about:

  • Key issues transforming the life sciences and health care ecosystem.
  • Expected changes and challenges in 2023.
  • Opportunities for organizations to thrive in the Future of Health

Unique perspectives in the Health Forward blog series unlock additional value

What do our US health care and life sciences practitioners have to say about this year’s global outlooks? Discover seven individual perspectives synthesized from our worldwide analyses.

2023 outlook for health care and life sciences: Necessity is the mother of invention

Seven trends could help shape the health care and life sciences sectors over the next 12 months.

2023 outlook for health care: Could margins/staffing stall progress to the Future of Health?

Hospital and health system leaders are preparing to navigate what could be an exceptionally turbulent 2023.

Outlook 2023: Health equity will likely solidify as a key business strategy

Three primary levers—equitable communities, innovation, and key decision-makers—can be used to remove barriers and advance health equity.

2023 outlook for Life Sciences: Inflation, talent, AI are top issues for biopharma and medtech

Learn what biopharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers can expect in the coming year.

2023 global health care outlook


COVID-19 has had a profound effect on how health care is being practiced in both industrialized and developing countries. It’s changed global demands for an increased focus on sustainability and resiliency, which was not present prior to the epidemic. What stands out most is that, after the pandemic, we’ll never be able to think about health care in the same way again.

In our report, we examine the current state of the sector and explore insights around international health policies, identifying emerging threats to public health and how technology will change health care delivery over the next decade.

2023 global life sciences outlook


Taking into consideration the current economic, supply chain, and talent challenges, how are life sciences leaders pivoting their business strategies in the coming year? Find out by exploring our report, which surveyed 131 C-suite executives representing US biopharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, health systems, and health plans.

Learn how organizations that can make their products more accessible and affordable to patients could drive more volume—and help companies build trust with their consumers.

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