Engaging employees in an unsettled environment

Silencing the static

In a constrained fiscal environment where Federal employees have recently faced pay freezes and furloughs, it is important for agency leaders to find ways to silence the static and engage the workforce, increase morale, help employees understand how they connect to the organizational mission, and amplify the impact of existing organizational initiatives and investments.

Trends and insights

Data from Federal organizations indicates declining satisfaction with internal agency communications—a trend that will be hard to reverse after several years of low morale and disengagement. Many organizations recognize this, and are seeking effective ways to silence the static, improve workforce satisfaction, and increase employee engagement. When implemented appropriately, strategic, mission-aligned, outcome-based communications driven by analytics can serve as a comparatively low-cost, critical tool to increase workforce engagement, improve morale, and increase agency-wide investments in a constrained fiscal environment. Read more.

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