What are the Leading AI and Data Trends in the Public Sector Today?

Cultivate an Insight Driven, Connected Government

AI and automation have tremendous potential to improve business operations and drive mission impact. Join Deloitte’s Government & Public Services (GPS) Consulting and Advisory Leaders as they discuss key AI and data trends transforming the government and enabling users to cultivate connectivity through data.


The Era of the Empowered CDO

Join Chief Data Officer Adita Karkera as she discusses the importance of Chief Data Officers in defining, developing, and executing enterprise data strategies for their organizations.

Digital Transformation

Join Digital Government Transformation Leader Michele Causey as she discusses the impact of the growing digital demand in the public sector.

The Holy Grail of Interagency Data Sharing

Join Strategy & Analytics US Delivery Center Leader Uday Katira and Data DevOps Leader Dave Thomas as they dive into effective, mission-focused data sharing between agencies.



Ecosystem Constellations for the Win

Join AI & Data Operations Leader Monica McEwen as she dives into bringing technologies and capabilities from multiple software or cloud providers together to solve mission-critical use cases.

Third Party Data Means Your Data Is Never Alone

Join AI Insights & Engagement Leader Keith Catanzano as he discusses how Third Party Data can drive more innovative, higher-impact results in the public sector.

Be AI Ready by 2025

Join Major General (ret.) Kim Crider, AI Innovation for National Security & Defense Leader, as she discusses the vitality and methodology of becoming AI Ready by 2025.



Data Apps Are Rising

Join Data Modernization & Analytics Leader Prabhu Kapaleeswaran as he dives into the importance of data applications and the actionable insights they provide.

AI for Operate

Join Strategic Growth Offering Leader Ed Van Buren and AI Leader for the Defense, Security, and Justice Sector Eric Dull as they discuss how AI is advancing operations and allowing automation at scale.

Bringing the Trust to Trustworthy AI

Join Specialist Leader Vinita Fordham and Managing Director Rob Lantz as they discuss Deloitte’s Trustworthy AI methodology and platform that uniquely differentiates us in the market.



Computer Vision Is a Reality

Join Managing Director Rashmi Mathur and Senior Program Manager Jason Richards as they dive into computer vision as a key capability to address AI mission use cases.

Bridging the AI & Data Talent Gap

Join Human Capital Principals Sarah Benczik and Daria McAteer as they discuss how government agencies are upskilling their workforce, enhancing AI fluency, and getting creative to bring in new talent.

So, You Have an Enterprise Data Strategy—Now What?

Join Strategy Senior Manager Sarah Milsom as she discusses leveraging your data strategy to prioritize actionable AI and data investments for your public sector organization.



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