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Mastering the migration to cloud computing

Survey of federal leaders

This survey report, conducted in November 2017, provides an assessment of more than 550 federal agency leaders on perceptions, experiences, and challenges with migration to the cloud. Respondents hail from a range of mission areas, the most represented being either technical/scientific or IT, program/project management, and administrative/office services. At least 47 percent are supervisors who oversee one or more direct reports.

The state of cloud transformation

Cloud continues to gain traction, with cost savings a recognized benefit
A majority of respondent say their agency has moved at least some or more applications to the cloud, and more than two-thirds say they now require some degree of cloud access to be successful at work. Most point to cost savings, improved efficiency, and expanded data-sharing as the top reasons for making the transition.

Security, cost, and legacy IT are common obstacles to optimization
The progress in reducing or optimizing existing data centers attracts little confidence from many. 45 percent of respondents believe their agency is behind schedule when it comes to reducing its data center footprint. Security concerns, cost, and difficulties configuring legacy IT are the most common impediments to this effort.

Poor governance and limited communication keep many in the dark
Many feel that strategy related to cloud migration and data center optimization has not been communicated. 47 percent of respondents feel that cloud governance is non-existent, and 71 percent report using an application on at least one occasion which fell outside the agency-approved IT toolkit.

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The power of the cloud to advance the federal government’s use of new technology seems widely unknown. While cost and efficiency benefits are well understood, these the cloud capabilities can help the federal government adopt next-generation tech much faster—and unleash the tremendous untapped potential of cloud investments.

Doug Bourgeois, managing director and Federal Cloud leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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