Helping government deliver II

The obstacles and opportunities surrounding shared services

This is the second report by Deloitte and the Partnership for Public Service, presenting a vision where government addresses its biggest challenges by relying on efficient organizations that share support services and draw upon existing resources in other agencies and organizations.

Challenges and opportunities

"Helping government deliver II: The obstacles and opportunities surrounding shared services" explores the extent to which administrative shared services are underway, barriers to moving to shared services and plans to do so, from the perspective of agency leaders responsible for many of these decisions.

For this report, the Partnership and Deloitte interviewed 18 agency leaders from across the federal government, which represents three-quarters of the Chief Financial Officers Act agencies, to understand:

  • The extent to which agencies are using or moving toward shared services
  • What the key barriers are to implementing shared services strategies
  • How the Office of Management and Budget and other agencies can assist
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