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Workday enterprise resource planning (ERP) in higher education

From cloud migration strategy to delivering the benefits of ERP

Top universities and colleges are already realizing the measurable benefits of ERP in higher education. Many more institutions are well down the path to ERP implementation. See how higher education ERP with Workday is modernizing campus operations and bringing innovation to student and administrative services.

Higher education ERP with Workday: Real-world lessons from three ERP implementations

When higher education institutions choose Workday ERP to help with finance and human capital management, there's more to the job than "online, on time." The Workday implementation methodology matters. Explore key lessons from Workday ERP implementations at three colleges and universities.

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Boosting the value of cloud ERP: What leading schools are doing differently

Workday ERP implementation can help higher education institutions modernize operations and compete more effectively for top talent and students—but a thoughtful cloud migration strategy with a long view for ongoing value is key. Learn more about preparing for long-term value realization, from initial planning stages through ongoing operation and enhancement of your ERP implementation.

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Helping to deliver a higher degree of student success

Many higher education institutions understand the urgency of modernizing their infrastructure to drive student success and improve organizational effectiveness, and yet barriers related to aging legacy systems, rigid processes, and lack of resources have proved challenging. Now, with Workday Student and Deloitte, there is a finally a way to break the impasse.

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ERP implementation: Lessons learned in higher education operational efficiencies

A top ivy league university combined technology and change management to alleviate administrative burdens and turn attention back to the university’s mission. Learn how—and why—this university successfully launched a Workday ERP implementation that affected 19,000+ employees and more than 170 administrative systems across the campus.

Lessons learned in higher education operational efficiencies.

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An innovative approach to recruiting and admissions in higher education

Higher education institutions are experiencing growing concerns about declining enrollment accelerated by the economic effects of COVID-19. As health concerns and restrictions on gathering sizes and travel limit traditional outreach, administrators continue to emphasize the need to be flexible and cost effective, yet engaging, when it comes to recruiting. In this new environment, outreach to prospective students requires taking an innovative approach and using digital platforms to host virtual tours, informational fairs, and student panels. Workday includes built-in functionality to help current users create, manage, and track these virtual events.

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