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Visit this page for new videos, blogs, and interactive interviews throughout the year, with our host Dan Olson, vice president, Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP. Dan is a subject matter specialist with more than 25 years of experience helping organizations fight fraud, waste, and abuse. Through the series he will share insights and his experiences about innovative program integrity strategies leveraging disruptive technology-enabled services and bring in other leaders to provide a broader view of how government can help change the lens on Program Integrity strategies.

Reimagining program integrity

As government agencies navigate through the need to increase speed and efficiency of payments due to changing policies and controls in the current unprecedented times, the potential for fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA) risks has also increased. The impact from FWA on government agencies and citizens can be multi-faceted including the ability to provide timely services and benefits, and potential impact to the economy.

In the wake of this increased pressure to meet the genuine needs of its citizens, many federal and state agencies are launching programs to inject assistance into all levels of the economy with effectivity and efficiency at the same time. The inability to handle them in a timely manner could lead to a compromise of the purpose and reputation of the agencies and assistance programs in action.

Program integrity professionals certainly have a call to immediate action ahead. While agencies have made great strides in their efforts to curb fraud, waste, and abuse, there is still substantial opportunity for improvement.

How can government agencies address the problem of improper payments and drive greater program impact?

One word: Prevention. Agencies can improve efficiency and customer service, while reducing costly errors, by focusing on prevention activities.

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About the series

With a decade of experience working and assisting federal and state agency clients, Deloitte is featuring a perspectives series—Insights for Integrity—to explore a variety of emerging trends, technologies, and leader perspectives in the essential area of program integrity, especially in the current difficult times. In this series, learn perspectives on:

  • New and emerging government fraud schemes—including COVID-19, risk sensing using social media and third-party data, and incorporating cyber fraud techniques to uncover emerging fraud, waste, and abuse.
  • New and emerging technologies to identify fraud schemes—including predictive modeling using machine learning, visualizations, and network analysis.
  • Through the series we will share insights and his experiences about innovative program integrity strategies that leverage disruptive technology-enabled services. Dan will invite other leaders to share their insights regarding how government can help change the lens on Program Integrity strategies.

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