Letting Go of the Status Quo

A Playbook for Transforming State Government

​Deloitte’s guidebook for governors and legislative leaders features practical and hard-hitting recommendations on a wide range of topics, from cost reduction to health care reform. 'Letting Go of the Status Quo: A Playbook for Transforming State Government,' aims to give new state government leaders a crash course in how to position their states for future prosperity.

​Full of ideas and tools for transforming state government and advice from those who have done it, this playbook is a must-read for governors—and their legislative partners—who now need to deliver on their promises.

​Letting Go of the Status Quo: A Playbook for Transforming State Government

lays out five broad avenues that both newly elected and incumbent governors can take to address voters’ call for change and refocus state government on the basics – especially jobs and economic prosperity. In addition to these five strategies, the Playbook provides a multifaceted action plan for each:

  • Cost Reduction – The United States’ cumulative state fiscal gap could reach $119 billion by the end of FY 2011. From day one, legislators must begin cutting costs and streamlining state government to live within its means.
  • Improving State Competitiveness – States not only compete against each other for jobs, talent and investments, but other nations as well. For states determined to move beyond their hard times and recharge their vitality, they’ll need to focus on competitiveness boosters like revitalizing infrastructure, pursuing radical education reform and reinventing economic development.
  • Transforming Health and Human Services – Health and Human Services weigh heavily on state budgets. By making these targeted and more effective, states can streamline the system and save money.
  • Overhauling State Operations – By making state government more innovative, more technologically proficient, and more attuned to emerging needs, leaders can regain public trust while also addressing the new challenges of the 21st century.
  • Getting it Done - Big Ideas to Big Results – To succeed, government leaders must be able to transform their big ideas into initiatives, ensure strong implementation, and achieve big results. 

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Where to start on day one.

Chapter One - The Journey to Fiscally Sustainable Government
Addressing the continuing state fiscal crisis will be the dominant issue of 2011.

Chapter Two - Generating Jobs
Improving economic competitiveness.

Chapter Three - 21st Century Education
Educating the workforce of tomorrow.

Chapter Four - Closing State Infrastructure Gaps
Rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure.

Chapter Five - Responding to Health Care Reform
A new era of State responsibility in health care.

Chapter Six - Improving Human Services
Federal legislation is shifting responsibility for navigating stand-alone benefit programs and services from individuals to the state.

Chapter Seven - Technology Reboot
Emerging technologies will fuel a fundamental transformation of government. They will also introduce new risks.

Chapter Eight - Innovation State
How to make state government a serial innovator.

Chapter Nine - Getting It Done
Turning big ideas into big results.

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