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Michigan streamlines secure online services for citizens

MILogin is an innovative cybersecurity effort by the State of Michigan

Working with Deloitte, the state of Michigan built on its already extensive cybersecurity measures to develop the MILogin solution, a single, comprehensive system that centralizes user identity and access management across agencies, applications, and services.

Michigan prioritizes cybersecurity as part of an integrated online services strategy

​State and local government leaders have a common question: “How can we keep our applications and private data safe?”

In Michigan, the Department of Technology, Management, and Budget (DTMB) found an answer to these requirements with the MILogin solution for user identity management.

MILogin emerged from the department’s strong focus on delivering secure online services. “Everything we’ve done in terms of next-generation digital infrastructure and cybersecurity programs is designed to deliver better services for our 50,000 employees and 9.4 million citizens,” says David Behen, DTMB director and Michigan state chief information officer. The department provides centralized IT services, including cybersecurity, across the state government.

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Citizens expect to use more services online without hassle, but with confidence that their private data is protected by strong authentication. For governments, meeting this expectation is not so easy, given the potentially hundreds of systems—each with their own data, logins, and security measures—that are involved in delivering citizen service.

Mark Ford, principal, Cyber Risk Services, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Eliminating the headaches of multiple logins

By creating a MILogin account, users can access many state applications with a single sign-on. For example, by using MiPage—an app for smartphone and tablets developed by DTMB—a citizen gains personalized, secure access to state information and online services, including private data.​

As determined by the agency that owns each application, MILogin can use tools such as credentials verification by a third party, strong passwords, and multifactor authentication to further protect the user’s identity. These tools also help agencies avoid sending password letters or asking users to come into an office to set up their accounts.

The state benefits from the simplicity of managing a single, secure, and integrated identity for each user—whether they be a citizen, business owner, or state employee. MILogin further improves security by giving DTMB centralized capabilities for access management and fraud prevention across applications and agencies.

In the future, MILogin will provide the secure access necessary to allow users to view a data profile they can create with the state, which will encompass their information on file with Michigan agencies. They can then receive alerts about deadlines, potential eligibility for certain benefits, and other useful services.

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Centralizing management of user identity and access

Working with Deloitte, DTMB developers built on the state’s already extensive cybersecurity measures to develop the MILogin solution.

In collaboration with Deloitte, MILogin is now a single, comprehensive system that centralizes user identity and access management across agencies, applications, and services. As adoption continues, MILogin can expand the identity components to accommodate more state services with different security requirements.

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​ “It was clear that we needed to wrap strong cybersecurity measures around online services to maintain citizen confidence,” says Behen.

Building a new vision for citizen access to services

The broad scope of MILogin is possible in part because the state has centralized its IT functions in DTMB. Another factor has been Governor Rick Snyder’s vision for using technology to deliver a citizen-centric state government.

To support this vision, DTMB was tasked with enhancing its IT infrastructure in four key areas: mobility, cloud, data collaboration, and cybersecurity.

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"Our IT infrastructure, including our cybersecurity measures, is designed to take our services to citizens instead of citizens coming to us,” says Behen.

Simpler login with stronger access control

​Yet this challenge can be solved with a strategic vision and collaborative execution. By delivering the simplicity of a single, verified, and optionally authenticated identity for users that is available across applications enterprise wide, MILogin strengthens online security while also improving the state’s ability to deliver online services efficiently and effectively.​

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