Opening Up the Federal Talent Economy

Engaging talent beyond traditional organizational boundaries

As the open talent economy places federal agencies and talent in new relationships with each other, agencies need to rethink current talent strategies and infrastructure. Government agencies can tap into a broader talent base and tackle emerging mission challenges by embracing new paradigms that prioritize access to talent over ownership of talent.

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Federal agencies today face increasingly big and interconnected challenges – challenges which require skill sets of people not on the agency's payroll to do work not defined by existing position descriptions. Organizational boundaries are no longer the end but rather the departure point for influencing, enticing, and integrating a network of problem-solvers. Tapping into the capabilities of a broader workforce requires agencies to navigate a shift in talent paradigms, prioritizing talent "engagement" over talent "management." As this new federal talent economy continues to unfold, some agencies are already beginning to rethink how they manage traditional talent structures – and even what it means to "have" talent.  Read more on Opening up the federal talent economy.

Opening up the federal talent economy

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Shifting career paradigms demand that Federal agencies move from a traditional talent lifecycle to dynamic talent signals. Explore the interactive graphic to learn more about these new principles for talent engagement.

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