State Government Industry Outlook 2017

Intuitive. Integrated. Intelligent.

Mark Price, Deloitte Consulting LLP principal and Public Sector National Industry leader sees state government leaders setting new expectations to move beyond one mode of delivering services and interacting with citizens through intuitive, innovative and interactive applications and services. Read further about his take on what’s trending for 2017.

In 2017 what are the key trends that will likely drive change in government and provide opportunities for government leaders to deliver services to citizens?

In 2017 state government leaders will most likely continue to be faced with a rapidly changing landscape based on the exponential speed of technology-driven innovation in areas like customer experience, analytics and coordinating across ecosystems that will continue to impact how they interact with and serve citizens.

Government customer experience

Citizen demands are rapidly changing, and they want government interactions to transpire much like those they experience with private sector companies and services—mobile, innovative, and easy to use. As we look ahead to how technology shifts by analyzing business trends, government agencies are tapping into design-centered thinking and digital tools to improve customer interaction. The future focus will likely shift to the citizen—from providing services to delivering digital experiences that guide and help citizens across life events. By changing the way people interact with a process rather than focusing solely on the process itself, agencies can broaden the range of available solutions. Both sides can spend more energy on progress and less on the process.

The use of analytics to drive outcomes

The pressure for measurement and accountability is changing the public sector. Analytics solutions can help government agencies and departments transform data to insights. Government leaders will be able to use these insights coupled with strategy, people, processes, and technology—to deliver insights at the point of action every day, everywhere in the organization that helps to fuel decision-making that unlock “sense and respond” capabilities that transform operations and promote positive outcomes for the people they serve. Inside government, areas like workforce management and finance stand to reap the benefits. Externally, sensing and social media engagement can make service delivery more efficient, while regulatory monitoring and detection can become faster and more effective. Mission-driven analytics have the potential to allow government agencies to do more with limited resources.

Connecting the government ecosystem

Like many organizations in the private sector, in 2017, forward-thinking government agencies are beginning to realize that their ability to execute their mission can be linked to their ability to deliver an effective customer experience—to businesses, and citizens as well as their own employees. In 2017 state government leaders will likely continue to look to create the necessary programs and policies to extend the enterprise beyond the four walls of a department and work with citizens and private partners across internal and external ecosystems enabling them to become more open and collaborative.

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Future state

State government of the future starts with people. The future state provides the right services through the right channel at the right time. If “respond” was the old standard, “anticipate” will be the new one.

Three key trends drive this change—customer experience, analytics, and integration across government and the broader ecosystem. State governments drive fundamental innovation in their business models and deliver a better experience. The future state will be more intuitive, integrated, and intelligent.

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