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Government executives are under more pressure than ever to drive value in their organizations. Deloitte PortfolioSmart™ combines flexible portfolio management tools and portfolio analytics to provide vital insights and help government leaders improve performance.

Program management challenges in government organizations

Many government executives indicate that successful program execution is a critical component of driving the competitiveness of their organization. These executives are often viewed as the responsible party for achieving project objectives and delivering projects on time and on budget.

Five key challenges often prevent government organizations from achieving peak performance:

Challenge 1: Lack of visibility into business operations

Challenge 2: Lack of informed, data-driven decision making

Challenge 3: Undefined and unaddressed risks

Challenge 4: Disparate, siloed business processes operating with inconsistent methods

Challenge 5: Cumbersome tools to manage and track projects

PortfolioSmart supports portfolio management excellence by providing government executives with improved visibility into their organization and rich information for decision making through data analytics.

PortfolioSmart: Portfolio analytics and portfolio management tools

Powered by ServiceNow, PortfolioSmart is tailored to meet the unique needs of government organizations at the portfolio, program, and project levels. PortfolioSmart can link key performance indicators (KPIs) to risks and issues and help government executives understand where to focus their energy. At its core, PortfolioSmart can:

  • Provide visibility into the portfolio’s operations at all levels to effectively manage risk.
  • Promote data-driven decisions using analytics and the ability to track progress of programs in real time.
  • Clearly define risks to help executives focus attention on the most critical issues.
  • Facilitate standardization of data and processes to enable consistent program baselining and tracking.
  • Enable ease of use for a diverse set of stakeholders at the swipe of their fingertips.

With PortfolioSmart, government executives have portfolio management tools and portfolio analytics seamlessly integrated into daily operations, making it easier to address common challenges of government program management.

The PortfolioSmart journey

PortfolioSmart provides the portfolio management tools to help government agencies manage and view projects as a portfolio, with data analytics to help assess performance.

PortfolioSmart is typically deployed in a three-phase approach:

Phase 1: Assess and stand up
We begin with a broad level assessment of an agency’s current state, strategic alignment across the portfolio of programs and projects, and identification of KPIs, risks, and issues to begin tracking progress.

Phase 2: Monitor and operate
Once an initial data transfer within PortfolioSmart has been performed, we can transition the use of all other disparate data and program management templates to a standard methodology and platform for real-time insights using portfolio analytics in PortfolioSmart.

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Phase 3: Refine and adapt
With PortfolioSmart up and running and the agency’s executives and personnel capably using the portfolio management tools and portfolio analytics, we can help you not only understand where your portfolio currently stands, but also look ahead to where it is going. This helps agency executives focus and manage their investments more effectively.

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