Strategic risk solutions for manufacturers

Will you disrupt or be disrupted?

Every strategy and strategic commitment is built on assumptions about how the world works. With the pace of business today, what was true yesterday may not be true tomorrow. Leaders who can anticipate, adapt, maneuver, and adjust course as needed can help their organizations become more resilient and achieve competitive advantage.

Discover. Scan. Prepare for strategic risks.

​In-depth industry experience. Macro trends. Horizon-scanning techniques. Advanced computer-based tools to identify and track weak signals of change. That’s the arsenal we draw upon to help your organization discover, scan, and prepare for strategic risks that can disrupt your business or industry.


  • Diagnose your current strategic assumptions, blind spots, and organizational dynamics to provide fresh insight into competitive advantages, vulnerabilities, and strategic risks.
  • Explore future trends and scenarios to understand the strategic risks they may pose.


  • Systematically search for and track your strategic risks to identify new opportunities, as well as emerging risks, in a fast-moving, volatile business environment.
  • Analyze and interpret how those risks relate to your strategy.


  • Engage the owners of your organization’s strategy through, workshops, simulations, events, and dashboards, driving action and a sense of urgency.
  • Build a governance structure that creates executive ownership and enables timely and risk-informed decision making.
  • Engage our deep, market-leading experience across risk and strategy consulting to assist you in defining and implementing an appropriate response strategy.
  • Provide ongoing sensing of new and emerging risks to help you to stay tuned to the disruptions that can impact business decisions.

What will smart companies do?

Addressing strategic risk head on can deliver value by helping to increase revenues, decrease expenses, gain efficiencies, lower costs, boost returns, avoid downsides, and capitalize on potential upsides. Forward-thinking companies develop strategic risk plans and approaches that include a process for identifying, assessing, monitoring, and responding to potential risks. Here’s how the process might look:

Identify significant risks. Identify the top risks to the corporate strategy, as well as the shortcoming(s) of the strategy itself. Once identified, those risks are incorporated into the business strategy and planning processes.

Assess risk exposure. Prioritize risk based on its impact to strategy and the organization, considering the nature of vulnerability and how prepared the organization may be to respond to a risk event.

Design the risk response. How will the organization respond to prioritized risks based on the gap between risk exposure and appetite? Develop a deployment roadmap that takes these factors into consideration.

Deploy the appropriate strategy. As strategic risk events occur, execute the planned risk mitigation tactics and event responses.

Monitor and report. Develop a plan to continuously monitor and report, including sensing and predicting emerging risks.

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