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Today’s businesses are applying digital reality in all its forms—augmented, virtual, mixed, 360 video, and immersive experiences—in the real world. In this podcast, we take a deep dive into augmented reality (AR), specifically spatial computing and wearables that merge the digital world and real life.

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Augmented reality helps businesses overcome modern challenges

The global market for augmented reality is expected to reach $149 billion by 2025, fueled by the growth of 5G and faster, more reliable computing power. Wearables are leading this explosion, now that lightweight headsets with the weight of a pair of headphones offer the power of a computer.

In this episode, host Hanish Patel talks with Deloitte’s Allan Cook plus Omar Khan and Daniel Diez of Magic Leap about real-world spatial computing and augmented reality applications in business. They discuss how these new technologies are meeting modern challenges in the workplace and the marketplace today, yielding greater efficiencies and deeper engagement.

As organizations become increasingly dispersed, AR and spatial computing allow collaborative work by bridging distances through co-presence and facilitate on-the-job training and skills transfer through immersive learning experiences.

If you want to move [spatial computing] from being something out of the curiosity department or a gimmick, it needs to deliver something of true value. Whether that's emotional or something in the actual shopping experience, you have to make it better somehow and you have to communicate that really clearly. Those are two things I think that companies, especially on the corporate side, they really need to pay a lot of attention to.

—Daniel Diez, Magic Leap

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