Workforce resilience


Creating workforce resilience in tech, media, and telecom

Digital upskilling, artificial intelligence (AI), and other trends shaping the future of work

Tech, media, and telecommunications companies today are facing a rapidly evolving skills landscape, leading organizations to consider how the nature of jobs and, consequently, the workforce will need to evolve with it.

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What will the jobs and workforces of the future look like?

This past year, the race to upskill talent has jumped into the spotlight as not only a business imperative, but a social expectation. In our rapidly transforming digital landscape where the only constant is change, what can organizations do to build employee resilience and prepare the future workforce to reinvent itself?

It’s been said that 85% of the jobs of 2030 don't even exist yet. That statement can be daunting to employees and companies alike. With increased automation in the workforce challenging traditional organizational models, they’re left with the question: How do I cultivate the right skills and capabilities to future-proof myself and my company?

We're actually entering the space of resilience around us, being able to constantly grow. And this professional ambition, professional growth is critical.

Ina Gantcheva, Human Capital principal at Deloitte

At the individual level, realizing what enduring human capabilities cannot be automated, like collaboration, influence, and creative problem solving, and bringing those irreplaceable skills to the forefront and building them into the flow of work can do wonders for morale and employee resilience.

At the company level, embracing technology to become a learning organization—where digital upskilling and reinvention are woven into the fabric of your operations—can put you in an advantageous position over your competitors, cultivate a sense of employee resilience, and create a secure business environment in a world of constant change.

When I think about AI and re-skilling what I see as the upside, what I see is us getting to higher order human thinking.

—Josie Trine, director of Talent and Culture at Dell

Humans and technology have long been seen as two forces at odds with one another. But what if technological advancement could serve as an ally to enable human potential? What can technology, media, and telecommunications companies do to help pave the way for this allyship to thrive? And how can organizations work on digital upskilling their existing workforce as AI and other technology trends continue to mold the future workforce?

In this episode of our User Friendly podcast, our host, Hanish Patel, is joined by Ina Gantcheva and Dana Swanson Switzer, Human Capital principals at Deloitte, and Josie Trine, director of Talent and Culture at Dell, to discuss digital upskilling and how businesses can create employee resilience as we head into a future of automation.

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