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What does it take to become a leading name in TMT?

Blair Morgan, a TMT Principal in Deloitte Consulting, posed that very question to four talented and inspiring women leaders in technology. Hear their stories of bold moves and get their perspectives on spearheading change in the fast-moving field of Tech and Media. It’s our hope that you will discover practical advice and actionable insights from their examples and take advantage of Deloitte’s many resources to blaze your own trail to success.

Meet these women on the rise

Laura Mae Martin

Executive Productivity Advisor

Erika Ayers

Barstool Sports

Prachi Gupta

Head of Engineering

Maureen Ford Sitterson

Global Head of Product Marketing

Excerpts from their interview

Get a sneak peek at Blair Morgan’s interview with these four inspiring women leaders in technology, entertainment, and media. Though their paths are each unique, their answers provide inspiration and help demystify what it takes to join the ranks of the top women in tech.

Q: When making bold moves, what challenges have you overcome and how have they impacted you?

Laura: I think I was a little ahead of my time with the content. At first, it was kind of discouraging knowing it was good content and I had data backing it, but it wasn’t catching fire. Now at Google, there are so many places where it fits.

Erika: When I joined Barstool, I was fired from every board I was on. I ended up creating a company that I'm incredibly proud of, and I believe we’re quite revolutionary in what we do.

Prachi: I was asked to take over a leadership role after having my first baby. What helped me make the leap was a very supportive manager who convinced me to try out the role. Often, you will surprise yourself and experience exponential growth.

Maureen: My biggest challenges have been those requiring a new strategy in an un-touched space, but that is also what has made me successful: finding undefined opportunities and jumping right in.

Q: How did you leverage advice from mentors or other advisors to chart the vision for your career?
Q: What fuels/energizes you the most in your professional and personal endeavors?

Read the full TMT Bold Moves interview to find out how making bold moves allowed these women to reach the top of their game, and how you can get there too.

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