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Encore program

Rejoining the workforce with confidence

Have you been away from the workforce for an extended period and want to resume your career? Do you want to explore a return to full-time employment? Looking for a fulfilling role? Our Encore program can help you obtain the training, experience and coaching you need to rejoin the workforce with confidence.

About Encore

The Deloitte Encore program was specifically designed to enable seasoned professionals who have left the workforce for six months or more to return to work. This paid, eighteen-week program offers an opportunity to enhance participants’ skills while providing a role in a client service environment. A network of Deloitte professionals will be assigned to provide relevant training and mentorship and will help support participants’ professional growth while they gain hands-on experience. Program participants could have the opportunity to join the team upon successful completion of the program.

Investing in you

Professionals who voluntarily leave the workforce can find that going back to work is daunting. Encore is structured to enable a smooth transition through accelerated learning to help refresh skills, and to provide mentoring, coaching, and a personalized development plan. Encore participants are given opportunities to learn from each other and network with Deloitte professionals during the program.

How to apply

Encore is a great opportunity to restart your professional career, whether it leads to a full-time position at Deloitte or helps you sharpen the skills necessary to appeal to another organization.

We are looking for professionals who have had a break from employment for six months or more.

Spring 2021 program

Please check back soon for links to our 2021 program application.

Meet Sylvia

In 2006, five years into her first stint at Deloitte, Sylvia left Deloitte when the military relocated her husband Patrick, a US Navy pilot, to rural California, where she opted for a local industry position. After California, they moved again to the high desert of Nevada, placing her hundreds of miles from the nearest Deloitte office. Forced to leave her industry job, she took advantage of this time to start a family while pursuing a professional certification as well as her master’s degree.

Still, Deloitte remained on her radar. So when circumstances took her family back east to the DC area, Sylvia applied to Deloitte’s Encore program. Following it, she immediately stepped into a senior consultant role in Deloitte’s Richmond, Virginia office.

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