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Fostering diversity, equity and inclusion in tech, media, and telecom

Part of the User Friendly podcast series

While many business leaders recognize the importance of having a diverse culture, they don’t always know how to achieve it. What steps can the industry start taking to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech?

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Supporting racial equity in the tech industry

In this episode, Hanish Patel is joined by Rev founder Alma Derricks and Deloitte’s Ayo Odusote to explore the importance of discussing racial equity, key structural challenges the tech industry faces, and what business leaders can do to combat racism in their organizations.

Allies take on the struggle as their own, they stand up even when they feel scared, they transfer the benefits of their privilege to those who lack it.

–Ayo Odusote

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Empowering women in the tech industry

Hanish Patel is joined by Google’s Julia Silva and Deloitte’s Sharon Harris to take a closer look at the need for diversity in the tech industry and the benefits of an inclusive culture—for every employee.

You have to have representation, you have to be respectful, you have to be relevant. That’s the real business impact of having a diverse and inclusive culture.

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Implementing a positive change

Hanish continues his conversation with Julia Silva and Sharon Harris, discussing what it means to bring your “authentic self” to work, the importance of having sponsors—not just mentors—and the value in bringing diverse perspectives to the table.

In bringing your authentic self to work, you have to be mindful of other people, because you’re not doing this in isolation. But you should be comfortable in your own skin to share, to experience other people, and be open to having those conversations.

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Explore more about increasing women’s representation on the technology stage in our Thinking Fast series. Gender gap in tech

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