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The Deloitte and HP Alliance

Bringing additive manufacturing to your enterprise

Deloitte Digital and HP formed an alliance to usher in Industry 4.0 technology. We use additive manufacturing, which is 3D manufacturing at scale, to help customers digitize product design and manufacturing, create more flexible supply chains, and optimize the manufacturing lifecycle.

About the alliance

We bring a holistic approach to solving our clients’ biggest business challenges, combining Deloitte digital’s leadership in professional services and digital supply chain transformations with HP’s award-winning multi jet fusion additive manufacturing technology.

High-volume 3D printing has arrived, and every day we’re focused on helping clients realize its power.


Get more information on how we’re working with our clients:

  • Product performance: Increase product performance, enhance component designs, and customize products to improve form, function, and flexibility.
  • Digital inventory: Use additive manufacturing to create products on demand, reduce capital costs, and be more responsive to the market.
  • Intelligent supply: Get the right products into customers’ hands more efficiently than ever before.
  • Time-to-market acceleration: Improve new product introduction processes to test functional products in the market sooner and reduce overall development costs.
  • Business and operating model redesign: Use additive manufacturing to build a competitive advantage through new products and faster delivery.

The power of additive manufacturing technologies

Additive manufacturing is the scaled application of 3D printing technology. This revolutionary Industry 4.0 technology is expected to play an important role in fundamentally changing manufacturing as we know it. It has the potential to lower costs, increase production speed and flexibility, usher in mass personalization, minimize distribution borders, and create entirely new markets worldwide.

Learn how additive manufacturing can transform your organization.

“User-friendly” podcast: Industry innovations in 3D printing

In this 3D printing podcast, Michelle Bockman, global head of 3D printing, commercial development and expansion at HP Inc., and Vinod Devan, Deloitte Consulting principal, sat down with “User-friendly” host Hanish Patel. Their conversation covered the benefits of additive manufacturing, why more technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) companies should be exploring this technology, and some surprising ways 3D printing is currently being used. Listen

Meet our team

Doug Gish

Doug Gish

Deloitte Global Operate Leader

Doug is the Deloitte Global Operate Leader. In this capacity, he is responsible for driving the growth of the Operate Business by working closely with other Deloitte Business, Industry, and Offering L... More

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