User Friendly podcast at CES: The next era of connectivity

Highlights from CES 2018 on the future of telecom

At CES 2018, 5G is everywhere. And with wireless access to our homes, cars, and personal devices, the future will continue to be increasingly “connected.” How will this affect consumers and carriers? How will security and privacy be impacted, especially in the world of IoT?

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Trends to watch

In this episode, Phil Wilson, managing director, Telecommunications Strategy & Operations at Deloitte, and Ays Aytolu, Deloitte’s Telecommunications sector marketing leader, talk about the next era of connectivity, including 5G, wifi, and the internet of things. The group explores how device connection will evolve into device collusion, and what that means for the personal hub and the new world of data-driven everything.

Most of the consumers don’t realize that they use actual machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in their mobile phones now, but they do and the most commonly used one was predictive texting. There is so much data out there and feeding into these algorithms, it’s so normal that machine learning is going be very prominent and very important in our lives in the coming years.

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Telco—Enabling 5G success

Across the globe, telecom operators are pursuing significant investments in 5G and next generation networks. In an effort to succeed, they're also transforming their physical and virtual networks at scale. Deloitte and HPE have collaborated to provide end-to-end solutions that help Telco jumpstart their journey toward 5G implementation by introducing next generation use cases and creating a scalable, programmable network. The goal is a full network transformation with increased agility, reduced operation costs, and minimized time to launch new services, to help telco operators effectively meet their wide scale 5G implementation goals.

5G Technology

5G has the potential to drive digital transformation across every industry. How will the future of wireless connectivity unfold? Know more about our latest perspectives, insights, and analysis.

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