Deloitte at AI World 2017

Transforming cognitive disruption into value creation

​AI World is designed to help business and technology executives cut through the hype, and learn how advanced intelligent technologies are being successfully deployed to build competitive advantage, drive new business opportunities, reduce costs, and accelerate innovation efforts.

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Speakers: Paul Sallomi and David Schatsky

Paul Sallomi: Paul is vice chairman and the Global Technology, Media & Telecommunications Industry leader for Deloitte LLP. He also serves as the US and Global Technology Sector leader. In his roles, Paul helps clients transform their business and operating models to address the emergence of new, disruptive technologies. For nearly 26 years he has worked with clients in the tech, media, and telecom industry to shape and execute options for growth, performance improvement, regulatory compliance, and risk mitigation. Paul is passionate about client service and life-long learning.

David Schatsky: David analyzes emerging technology and business trends for Deloitte’s leaders and clients. His recent published works include Signals for Strategists: Sensing Emerging Trends in Business and Technology (Rosetta Books 2015), “Demystifying artificial intelligence: What business leaders need to know about cognitive technologies,” and “Cognitive technologies: The real opportunities for business” (Deloitte University Press 2014–15). Before joining Deloitte, David led two research and advisory firms.

Paul Sallomi
David Schatsky