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  • 2022 Global Life Sciences Outlook
    The report focuses on the current state of the sector, explores seven trends shaping the industry and prepares stakeholders to take advantage of the many opportunities that a new era of science presents.
  • Challenges and Value Creation in China Life
    The report was authored by Deloitte China LSHC Consulting Team. The report outlines the practical challenges Chinese companies face in medical product licensing deals. Summarizing the key issues transaction parties face in licensing deals, it shares some best practices from strategic, operational, and business levels to build and enhance licensing transaction management capabilities,  along with an execution roadmap for companies to take immediate action.
  • China LSHC Industry Survey Results: 2022 State of Industry in China
    Deloitte China Life Sciences & Health Care (LSHC) team conducted our 3rd annual “State of industry” survey for the LSHC market in China during 17th January to 17th February 2022, to better understand pharmaceutical & healthcare players' situation in China with their 2021 final outcome and outlook for 2022.
  • 2022 Global Health Care Outlook
    To understand how stakeholders prepare themselves for 2022 and beyond as COVID-19 transits from pandemic to endemic, Deloitte discusses the current state of the sector and six pressing trends/issues shaping it this year. The report also outlines the way forward to help build resiliency and achieve improved health care outcomes in the new normal.
  • China LSHC Industry Survey Result: ‘Future of Trust’


  • Yearbook of patient assistance in China 2021
    Yearbook of patient assistance in China 2021 was co-published by the Deloitte China and China Patient Assistance Alliance (CPAA). This report includes an overview of China’s national policies, major players, and programs of patient assistance. It also analyzes the industry drivers and pain points in patient assistance, and predicts four future trends.
  • 2021 China LSHC M&A Market Whitepaper
    The report looks at M&A activity in China's LSHC industry in 2020 by sub-sectors and the 10 largest deals to understand the underlying drivers. It also evaluates PE/VC activity and the IPO financing landscape in China's LSHC market. In the end, it identifies five trends that driving growth in China LSHC M&A market in the years ahead.
  • Outlook on biopharma innovation trends in China
    Based on long-term observations of the biopharma industry, from "application and empowerment of innovative technology" and "explorations and breakthroughs in innovative R&D", this report explores biopharma innovation globally and in China, assesses the opportunities and challenges facing China's biopharma industry's innovative development, and analyzes and envisages biopharma innovation trends through the views of thought leaders in the sector.
  • 2021 Global Life Sciences Outlook: Possibility is now reality, sustaining forward momentum
    This report looks at the many ways COVID-19 accelerated change for the life sciences sector, the changes that are likely to stay, and what can be reimagined and made better. Suggestions are also provided to biopharma and medtech companies for consideration in the upcoming year.
  • China's Biotech Parks – Leveraging the ecosystem for success
    This whitepaper presents the current development conditions of Chinese biopharmaceutical industrial parks ("BPIPs"), summarizes common local support policies, and discusses how biopharma enterprises can use industrial parks and related policies to map out entry strategies or re-improve their layouts in China.
  • Safeguarding Biopharma R&D – New heights in China's human genetic resources management
    Optimizing human genetic resources (HGR) governance and adopting a data-driven operating model are critical for pharmaceutical companies in China's changing regulatory environment.
  • Internet Hospitals in China: The new step into digital healthcare
    This report examines how internet hospitals thrive under the 2030 Health China Planning Outline and COVID-19, and puts forward six issues and solutions for internet hospitals and with giving a panorama of it.
  • 2021 Global Health Care Outlook: Accelerating industry change
    The report looks at six issues driving change in the health care sector and present questions and actions health leaders should consider in the coming year. How stakeholders analyze, understand, and respond to these issues will shape their ability to navigate from recovering to thriving in the post-pandemic “new normal” and advance their journey along the path to the Future of Health.
  • 2021 China LSHC Industry Survey Results: ‘State of Industry’
    To understand pharmaceutical & healthcare players' situation in China after a year the Covid-19 crisis outbreak, Deloitte took the survey to understand their 2020 outcome and outlook for 2021, and provided the industry insights and predictions.
  • Biotech-in-a-box™: How to ‘ACE’ geographical expansion in Europe, A three-step game plan for biotech
    Based on Deloitte's experience helping biotech companies navigate geographical expansion, this report defines an ACE framework - three steps to effectively assess market potential, select the most appropriate go-to-market options, and choose the best route to successfully establish presence in Europe.
  • China Aesthetic Medicine Market Outlook Report
    The report examined the different aspects of China's aesthetic medicine industry, including consumer demand, value chains, marketing approaches, and financing sources. The report also reveals five prevailing trends that will drive industry development, with "light" aesthetic medicine becoming a strategic focus. Regulatory reform and reshuffling are set to reshape the market landscape by raising quality and practice standards, as the sector enters a mature phase of development.
  • Trends in Talent Incentives at Social Medical Service Institutions
    The report focuses on "long-term incentive trends in the listed medical service industry" and "comprehensive incentives for top talent in social medical service institutions". It elaborates on current practices in talent incentives in China's medical service industry and suggests a framework for the implementation of talent strategies.
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