Technology in Business: Deloitte Predictions


Technology in Business: Deloitte Predictions

Are You Ready To Join The Technological Revolution?

The report 'Crunch time - Finance 2025' outlines several predictions made by Deloitte about the financial world in 2025, facilitated by an increased role of technology in business. For example, it is predicted that traditional cycles where companies report figures at regular intervals will disappear. This is because many financial cycles are the result of the current limits of technology and data processing capacity, and things happen on a fixed schedule because that is the only way they can happen. If information is available immediately to those who need it, traditional cycles are no longer needed. This ensures that people have time for discovering new insights and can act accordingly.

Another prediction is that of new service models. These will arise because robots and algorithms enter an increasingly diverse financial market - think of the integration of freelancers, crowds and temporary workers.
Additionally, APIs will increasingly standardize data, but it will not be enough. Many companies will struggle to structure their data.

By providing services in the domains of Robotic Process Automation , Data Analytics and Business Intelligence , Deloitte offers the opportunity to overcome technology barriers and generate a real-time data dashboard, enabling the automation of processes and helping the financial sector will be able to focus strongly on insights and service. Are you ready to join the technological revolution?

Crunch time - Finance 2025
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