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This is where you get to shine. Your real world, hands-on experience, mixed with first-class training, professional education and development. On a Deloitte Apprenticeship, you’ll gain recognised qualifications, and earn rewards that reflect the value you’re sure to add.

What does an apprenticeship involve?

Our apprentices are here to shape their careers, as well as gain on-the-job experience. You’ll do the same work as your colleagues and be treated with the same respect from day one, in a permanent job. But you’ll also get extra time and support to help you progress your professional education.

Your Deloitte apprenticeship experience will leave you with a recognised qualification and skills you’ll rely on throughout your entire career.

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How does an Entry Level Apprenticeship compare to university?

No one can tell you what the best route is for you. We all have our own passions and capabilities, and will be inspired and learn in different ways. What we can tell you is what our apprentices enjoy:

  • A permanent job
  • Professional or vocational qualifications, fully funded, and paid time off to study
  • The chance to work with and learn from industry leaders
  • The support of a mentor at work
  • A market-leading salary plus lots of fantastic benefits
  • Career opportunities that will take you as far as you want to go
  • A great working environment, with an active social scene
  • Volunteering opportunities

What kind of work would I be doing?

Across Deloitte, we have hundreds of client-facing staff. They all need various kinds of support to do their jobs: from finance to specialist research. As an apprentice, you’ll be based in one of these centres and your role will depend on the team you join.

In our Cardiff Delivery Centre we provide expertise in things like risk, research and compliance, among other areas. You’ll be placed in one of our specialist teams and taught everything you need to know to do your job. From here you can move into all kinds of roles across the business. Find out more on Cardiff Delivery Centre.

This centralised support, from specially skilled teams, means consultants and their clients can be sure of the best possible help, whenever they need it, wherever they might be.

What about learning and development opportunities?

Deloitte apprenticeships are all about leaning and developing. You’ll get everything you need to thrive and grow. Study time is factored in to your working week, so you can achieve your qualification. You’ll get an NUS card too.

Your qualification will depend on the team you join:

  • Cardiff: Level 3 City & Guilds Business Administration

The formal qualification is only part of the story; we take a more rounded approach to apprenticeships. As well as classroom study and e-learning, you’ll have 1:1 coaching, a designated Deloitte mentor to support you at work, and the technical and skills training you need to move your career on further down the line. Not to mention the invaluable experience of working on live projects and you will be part of a wider community of apprentices with second and third year colleagues who will be on hand to help you settle in.

Will there be a permanent job at the end of my apprenticeship?

Yes. Once you’ve shown us how good you are and successfully completed your apprenticeship, you can join us for as long as you like. You’ll get many opportunities to develop your career onwards too.

If you’re yearning for a professional services career in Tax Consulting, Finance, Audit, Risk or Consulting, then you’re welcome to apply for our higher apprenticeship programe and work towards a professional qualification. It’s really up to you.

Where can I do an Entry Level Apprenticeship?

Our entry level apprentices are based in our Cardiff our UK-based support centre. To register your interest and stay up to date with key dates and activities, click here.

Who can apply?

Our apprentices come from all kinds of backgrounds. What unites them is their sparky intelligence and appetite for new ideas. Whether you’ve just done your GSCEs and are considering your options, or you’ve been in a job for a while and realised it’s not right for you, apprenticeship offers the chance to earn and start working towards an amazing career.

What is the selection process?

Step 1: Apply online
It’s a short form. We will need some details about you and what you’ve achieved academically so far, your preferred location and area of business interest.

We understand the decision to leave school is a big step in both your career and personal life, so at this point we want to ask you a few further questions to get a better understanding of why you’d like to join us and what you think you can bring to the role. It’s worth spending some time on this section, and answering honestly, as it is our first indication of whether we’ll be a good fit for each other.

Step 2: Short telephone interview
We will get in touch to book in some time for a member of our team to give you a call. We will ask you a few questions to find out what you know about the office and job you have applied for. You will have plenty of time to do your research beforehand and we can answer any questions you may have.

Step 3: Selection Days
You’ll learn a lot about yourself at this enjoyable event. The half-day includes a fun group exercise followed by a short interview focusing on your motivation and key behaviors and an exercise where you will be provided with some information and asked to write a response (computers are provided). For us, it’s about assessing your teamwork and communication skills, as both are essential to the role.

Please note: If you’re applying for our Entry Level Apprenticeship in Cardiff, you’ll also do a second selection day with Cardiff and Vale College. As the college works closely with us to provide your training. Find out more.

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