When does the future begin?

Have you imagined yours? In your wildest dreams, what will you achieve? Ideas that change the world? Will you think bigger and go further, alongside people who care and who dare?

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Our Graduate Programme

This is more than a world-class training scheme, with professional qualifications, it’s also a permanent job that gives you a market-leading salary, benefits and endless opportunities for learning, development and progression. You’ll work with clients from the start, on projects that have a genuine impact. You’ll be thinking and innovating with colleagues across the firm to solve fascinating problems.

Meet our people

Discover the possibilities at Deloitte, find out from our people how we can give you the support and training to get your career off to a flying start.

SAICA Programme for South African graduates

Are you currently studying towards a SAICA accredited post-graduate degree and looking for an opportunity to develop your skills further? In Partnership with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants, you can have the opportunity to qualify as a CA(SA) by completing your SAICA articles in an international environment, here at Deloitte.

Based in the UK, this is an exciting three-year training programme. To apply you’ll need to be studying towards a SAICA accredited post graduate degree in finance on the CA(SA) route and have the right to work in the UK. You’ll work within Audit & Assurance at Deloitte UK, gaining a real insight in to the world of business, getting involved in some truly inspiring, challenging and meaningful work. Through a combination of practical, hands-on audit experience and training for world recognised qualifications, you’ll develop the kind of skills that could take your career anywhere in the firm.

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What kind of work will you do?

“I thought that everything would be focused around finance, but that really isn’t the case. We do a lot of really diverse and fantastic work with clients and it’s all to do with making a positive impact for them and us.”
Rachel Connor, Technology

The work you do will depend on the role and location you choose. But whatever direction you take, you’ll get to work on exciting projects from day one.

We offer Graduate Programmes in these areas:

What’s in it for you?

“I don’t just feel I can be myself at work, I feel that working here in many ways has helped me understand who I am, and where I want to be.”
Diya Gera, Real Estate

What do we offer?

“There is a lot of diversity in experience and skills, I love that everyone has a different story.”
Hazel Ijomah, Business and Financial Advisory
  • A permanent job, not just a training programme
  • Market-leading salary and benefits
  • Recognised professional qualification
  • Live project experience and client exposure from day one
  • An unrivalled client list
  • The chance to collaborate with an international network of experts
  • Focus on ideas and innovation
  • Fast progression on a structured career path
  • Time off to study with plenty of support and learning
  • Technical and business skills training
  • Lifelong learning & development throughout your career
  • Agile working options
  • Opportunities to develop your career in any direction, anywhere in the world
  • Time off to make a difference in your community
  • A great social life
  • Support from ten diversity networks

What are the benefits?

“This is a firm that treats you well, and offers opportunities you wouldn’t get anywhere else.”
Vedant Menezes, Governance, Risk and Regulation
Salary Package
  • Market-leading pay
  • Regular increases
  • Variable pay schemes that allow us to credit you for any work you do ‘above and beyond’
Core Benefits
  • £7,000 interest-free loan
  • 25 days holiday
  • Pension
  • Life assurance
  • Occupational sick pay
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Mobile phone business calls
Flexible Options scheme

Pick and choose further benefits up to the value of your Options allowance.

  • Additional holiday
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Dental insurance
  • Bikes4Work scheme
  • Give As You Earn
  • Private medical insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Corporate discounts
  • Critical illness Insurance
  • Additional life Assurance
  • Health assessments

Where can you work?

“Local clients allow me to stay close to home and my home office, but international clients give the opportunity for further travel.”
Madhura Kanade, Governance, Risk and Regulation

We have many Deloitte offices across the UK and Offshore. The map shows all the locations available for our Graduate Programme.

Find out more about our locations and what’s it like to work across all our offices within the UK.

How will you develop

“You will learn so much here.”
Salil Gokhale, Technology

Our lifelong tailored approach means you’ll continue to progress throughout your career. As well as opportunities to make an impact from day one, within a year or two, you’ll be managing your own teams and client relationships, and working on ever-more challenging projects.

What do our people say?

“The support is there and those that want to succeed can; even if it seems an impossibly high mountain to start with.”
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How does Deloitte compare to your other work experiences?

Before I joined Deloitte, I did a placement year as an Events Manager at an arts centre, as it was a career I’d always wanted to try. Turns out it was not the career for me; the hours were crazy and it was very stressful.

I thought it would be similar here and I’d be working 12 plus hours a day. That’s simply not the case. Flexible working is something Deloitte takes seriously, and most line managers make sure you’re sustaining a good work-life balance. Sometimes you do need to work late, but this is very much the exception rather than the rule.

Is there a good work-life balance at Deloitte?

Yes. I work at the client office from Monday to Thursday. On Friday’s I often work from home or in the local office. If I need time off in the morning or afternoon, and give advance notice, I’m allowed to make up the hours when I can.

Aside from that, I am part of several support networks at the firm: GLOBE, Women’s Network, and Women in Cyber.

And there are far too many social things to list here… events, activities and parties galore.

“I’m much more confident in my professional and personal life.”
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Human Capital

What was your biggest misconception about working here?

That you always have to have an answer. I’ve learned now that if you can communicate well and build good relationships, not having a concrete answer is alright as you can work with your team and the client to find out what works best for them.

Before I joined I was also worried that my previous experience in journalism would be seen as irrelevant, and that I would have to completely change myself to fit a new role. This couldn’t be further from the truth. My background has helped me have great attention to detail, which is very useful in project management and change communications.

What else is going on at Deloitte?

It’s super social, there is always something going on. It’s impossible not to make friends here.

I’m on the Multicultural Network committee. We hold events such as Black History Month. I’m also heavily involved in organizing the Chinese New Year celebration, which connects me to home as I’m from Hong Kong. There’s a big focus on diversity in the workplace. I’ve volunteered at a centre for youth and people who were recovering from their time in prison/rehabilitation centres. I’m also involved in a pro-bono consulting project with a charity.

I feel I have a lot of support here. I’m very close to my coach, and have also found a couple of other mentors throughout the firm. If I am finding things stressful I go and talk to them, or catch up with a friend. I also make sure to call my family and go bike riding after work – the exercise and fresh air helps me to wind down after a long day.

“There is a lot of diversity in experience and skills, I love that everyone has a different story.”
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Business & Financial Advisory

Were you worried about anything before you joined? How has that worked out in reality?

I was worried that I didn’t have enough industry specific experience and would be completely out of my depth. During my gap year and through university I’d worked as a receptionist at an entertainment company, I’d learned about Anti Money Laundering and various other things in that job which is what sparked my interest in financial crime, but I didn’t really have any direct experience.

It was completely fine though. I received a huge amount of support from my coach, manager and team when I joined and soon felt comfortable. I’ve also learnt so much, and very quickly, by getting stuck in to the job and being reassured by senior members of my team that’s OK to make mistakes and ask questions because I’m learning.

What would you say to persuade a graduate to join Deloitte?

Just do it! You’ll meet amazing people with fascinating stories, learn so much about yourself and your abilities, you’ll be making a difference and, most importantly, you’ll have fun whilst doing it.

“I’m really excited to know that what I’ve helped create will be out there in the real world.”
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How do you explain what you do to someone who doesn’t work in technology?

I say that I am a software developer and I make technological products. This includes what an application will look like to the user (the front-end) and how we build and manage the inner mechanics and data behind it (the back-end).

For example, we’re currently working on a product that will change the way retailers price their products. They’ll be able to use an algorithm to work out the most effective price to set, depending on their objective (for example, that might be to sell as much stock as possible so there is none leftover at the end of the season). It will be released soon so I’m really excited to know that what I’ve helped create will be out there in the real world.

If you enjoy problem solving and creating something that makes a real difference for your client, you’d love it here.

What else do you get involved in at Deloitte?

It’s so sociable here. There is always something going on – industry events, team nights out, lunch-time yoga, to name just a few. And there are lots of networks and groups you can join. I am part of the Deloitte Digital Engineering Guild, it’s an excellent way to catch up with my fellow developers and share knowledge and ideas.

I’ve organised a series of Lunch and Learns for my team – I’ll get someone from another team or area of expertise to come and talk to us about what they do, whilst we all have some lunch. I plan to start a blog for our team too.

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