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Imagine trying out a career for a year before you commit. Our placements are a great way to make sure you’re on the right path. One that allows you to be fully yourself and channel your passions for a powerful collective impact.

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Industrial Placements

For six-to-twelve months you’ll be part of our community at Deloitte. You’ll be a key part of our team - training and working alongside our first-year graduate intake. You’ll help us push boundaries by doing great work for our clients, you’ll be encouraged to be yourself and connect with colleagues across the business, and you’ll learn skills that will set you up for an exciting career.

You’ll be paid a competitive salary throughout your placement and if you impress us, you could be offered a place on our graduate scheme. But it’s not all about what we think of you, this is just as much about you getting to know us — during your placement you’ll get a real feel for who we are and if we’re the right fit for you.
"They don't look at your experience or your age. You receive the same training as the graduates."

Tom, Tax

What kind of work will you do?

“I thought that everything would be focused around finance, but that really isn’t the case. We do a lot of really diverse and fantastic work with clients and it’s all to do with making a positive impact for them and us.”
Rachel, Technology

The work you do will depend on the role and location you choose. But whatever direction you take, you’ll get to work on exciting projects from day one.

We offer Industrial Placements in these areas:

What’s in it for you?

“I don’t just feel I can be myself at work, I feel that working here in many ways has helped me understand who I am, and where I want to be.”
Diya, Real Estate

What do we offer?

“There’s a variety of incredible work that happens right across the business.”
Tom, Tax
  • Market-leading salary and benefits
  • Structured programme with plenty of support
  • Allocated champion and buddy
  • Live project experience and client exposure from day one
  • An unrivalled client list
  • The chance to collaborate with an international network of experts
  • Focus on ideas and innovation
  • Technical and business skills training
  • Opportunities to join in with societies and events.
  • Support from ten diversity networks
  • Possible permanent job offer in your pocket for when you graduate

What are the benefits?

“This is a firm that treats you well, and offers opportunities you wouldn’t get anywhere else.”
Vedant, Governance, Risk and Regulation
Salary Package
  • Market-leading pay for the whole of your placement
  • Variable pay schemes that allow us to credit you for any work you do ‘above and beyond’
Core Benefits
  • 25 days holiday
  • Pension
  • Life assurance
  • Occupational sick pay
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Mobile phone business calls
Flexible Options scheme
  • Pick and choose further benefits up to the value of your Options allowance.
  • Additional holiday
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Dental insurance
  • Bikes4Work scheme
  • Give As You Earn
  • Private medical insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Corporate discounts
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Additional Life Assurance
  • Health Assessments

Where can you work?

“Local clients allow me to stay close to home and my home office, but international clients give the opportunity for further travel.”
Madhura, Governance, Risk and Regulation

We have many Deloitte offices across the UK and Offshore. The map shows all the locations available for our Industrial Placements.

Find out more about our locations and what’s it like to work across all our offices within the UK.

How will you develop?

“You will learn so much here.”
Salil, Technology

As you’ll be part of our team, you’ll be encouraged to try new things, develop your skills and continue to grow every single day. We want to help you get the most out of your experience with us, so we’ll make sure you get to work directly with clients and on projects where your work has a very real and meaningful impact on their success. Being trusted with real responsibility will give you the opportunity to see what you’re capable of. But don’t worry, you’ll have all the support and training you need to succeed. Then at the end of your placement you should have developed a set of well-rounded business skills and will know whether a professional career with Deloitte is right for you.

What do our people say?

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Software developer
“As well as getting support with my career, I have also been able to ask for help with personal situations.”

Why did you decide to start your career with Deloitte Digital in Belfast?

I went to a disadvantaged school in the North-West of England, and I always felt like a career in technology could secure me a better future. Deloitte seemed to have a lot of opportunities to grow and develop your career, which appealed to me and I could pursue my passion for development. I chose to come to Belfast because it’s a completely different experience to where I grew up. I believe you can pick up a lot of new skills by exposing yourself to new situations and learning from different teams around the world.

How have you felt supported by your team?

We always have great fun together and when I started the role, I was made to feel that I could learn at a pace that was right for me. As well as getting support with my career, I have also been able to ask for help with personal situations. My father sadly passed away during the pandemic and everyone really helped me get through this sad and difficult period. I was able to travel to back to Hong Kong to see family and my team did absolutely everything they could to help.

What do you enjoy most about working at Deloitte?

Consulting is really diverse and you get to try so many different things and expand your skills in lots of areas. Deloitte is really committed to training and development, which is great for everyone, but especially those who are starting out in their careers. I’m currently being supported to get my Java 11 certificate, which is important for my own development. There are constant opportunities to explore your talents, whether that’s in your current place of work or on a secondment elsewhere in the world. I like the fact that so many doors could open for me in the future at Deloitte.

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Operational Risk
“If you are willing to get stuck in and try your hardest at every opportunity that comes your way, you’ll love it here.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love the fact that I can work for some of the most well-known companies in the world, and see the impact that my work has made first hand. The people I’ve worked with have been very supportive and have given me the constructive criticism I needed to progress in my career. There are also many opportunities to get involved, across almost every industry.

During my three years at Deloitte, I’ve worked in the banking, utilities, public sector, private sector, healthcare and energy industries. The roles you can support on vary with each client, and make the work more interesting.

My role involves working with different organisations to assess and mitigate risks to their business. These risks can vary across different areas of the company, including financial, regulatory, operational and business-as-usual. We usually identify a scope at the start of the engagement, which includes the areas that the business would like us to focus on.

Scopes can be quite broad and include multiple areas of the business, but can also focus on one particular area. Fieldwork follows, usually involving meetings with key client stakeholders and testing their processes and controls as per the agreed scope. After completing fieldwork, the report is reviewed by managers and partners. We then discuss our findings with the client and issue the report.

How do you make an impact at Deloitte?

Deloitte offers lots of volunteering opportunities, from supporting the development of children in schools to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity. We hold bake sales, boat races and days out to raise money for charity as well.

I’m also part of the Deloitte Women’s Network which arranges events to help empower women at the company. These include networking events with senior Deloitte people, as well as external keynote speakers.

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Amy Higgins
Audit and Assurance
“Deloitte Manchester has recently moved to a brand new office which is absolutely amazing. It has all the amenities that we need and goes above and beyond. Drinks are always on offer after work, as are things like pool and ping pong."

What attracted you to Deloitte?

I was immediately drawn to the potential for personal growth that you can gain from working in such a large organisation with so many opportunities. I also knew various people who already worked at Deloitte, who told me how friendly and welcoming the culture is here. Even the partners have taken the time to get to know all the new graduates, ensuring that everyone feels included and valued. Everyone who works here is willing to pitch in, help and answer questions.

How did you find the interview process and what advice do you have for others?

There were several stages of the application process, which included computerised tests, video recorded question tests and a final interview. For the computer tests, there’s plenty of websites online which can help you prepare and practice similar questions. My advice for the interview stage would be to be yourself, and to do some research on Deloitte beforehand. You don’t need to know the ins and outs of software and analytics, but you should show your enthusiasm for the company and working within a team.

How do you explain your job to friends and family?

In large companies there are huge data files containing vast transactions. When they are being audited by Deloitte they can be difficult to examine so my department runs analytics to check for things such as material transactions, so that we can support the audit team in creating their reports. My job involves using different software to run analytics, discovering problems, and working together to find solutions which I really enjoy.

How have you grown since joining Deloitte?

From a professional perspective, my development has been rapid. I’ve got to grips with new ways of working, learned new computing tools and worked towards a professional qualification. I’ve also developed an understanding of how firms like Deloitte are structured, how they develop and maintain their reputation, and how we should go about our work to support that.

What do you enjoy about where you work?

Deloitte Manchester has recently moved to a brand new office which is absolutely amazing. It has all the amenities that we need and goes above and beyond. Drinks (alcoholic and none-alcoholic) are always on offer after work, as are things like pool and ping pong. There is always something going on. Secondly, I cannot recommend Manchester enough as a city. There so many fantastic places to live, work, shop and most importantly spend your evenings and weekends. Historically the Manchester office has been more of a hub for Audit and Assurance work, however Deloitte is investing hugely in the North and with that, we are continuing to expand, including developing our analytics department and consulting practice further.